News: Good Vibes Gaming Launches

By Neil Flynn 09.11.2020

News: Good Vibes Gaming Launches on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Get some good feels with a new powerful trifecta hitting the internet. Good Vibes Gaming has been officially set up from former members of the GameXplain team including Steve Bowling, Derrick Bitner and Ash Paulsen. 

The team will be hosting a nightly news show rounding up the biggest news of the day and will sure be a forced to be reckoned with!


You can follow them on social media;

The team are off to a flying start as their former compadre, Jon Cartwright, has generously re-purposed his personal YouTube channel over to the new venture as Jon has now joined the NLife Media team. 


Be sure to let us know what you think of this new adventure in the comments!

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