Tech Up! Trust GRAPHIN GXT 960 & MORFIX GXT 970 RGB Mice

By Sandy Kirchner-Wilson 11.11.2020

Trust was founded in 1983 and has a long history of peripherals for PCs. This spans the whole range from graphics tablets to Bluetooth speakers. As many will know, it has a good standard of product and can be relied on to provide a sturdy product. With a range of over 800 devices, it's great to see that some of its new releases are very eye-catching and still in the Trust brand's usual lower than average price bands. The GRAPHIN: Lightweight Mouse GXT 960 and MORFIX: Adjustable Mouse GXT 970 are two of these new devices. How do they fair? Cubed3 finds out…

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Both the GRAPHIN and MORFIX models are small and very fast little computer mice. They are comfortable to hold, pretty to look at, and sport quite a range of customisable options. The first impression when unboxing is how light each device is. Many computer mice are weighted or cumbersome, yet not so with Trust's latest darlings, as they are very lightweight with small form factors, which is perfect for a long gaming or work session. The connector is a standard USB and, thus, it can be plugged into most modern PCs with the main barrier being the Windows-only software for tweaking the options. Price-wise, these fall below the average, meaning neither will break the bank.

The unique honeycomb frame design of the GRAPHIN and sleek nature of the MORFIX really stands out, with both highlighting the bright and vibrant customisable RGB lighting perfectly. The design is super unique not just because of the outer casing being so attractive but also because the mice are essentially smooth RGB lightbulbs with a light plastic frame to make them ergonomic and usable. It's a great talking point and can easily be matched with most PC equipment. There are customisable buttons on the side, which can be customised but are by default back and forward. There is also a DPI button, which can be used to control how fast and accurate the mouse is for different applications, with both supporting up to 10,000 DPI, which is commendable and can really brighten up any FPS title.

As with many of Trust's offerings, these mice come with their own bespoke software. Using this software to get the mice set up with the right DPI, lighting patterns, and more, is pleasantly simple. The GXT software is downloaded from Trust's website and is quite simple to use for any level of user. The interface offers a variety of inputs, most of which have a visual representation of what the option will change. RGB customisation is very detailed, and even supports custom colours, which is surprising. The default is the rainbow wave pattern, which looks gorgeous and brings out the best of the design.

In fact, the only real downside is the lack of weight in the GRAPHIN. For some, as mentioned at the beginning, this will be amazing, yet for others it could actually be a real downside for mouse control. This is mostly down to the cheaper plastic used for the frames, which in the case of the honeycomb-styled GRAPHIN is also perforated all over, thus reducing its weight further. It is by no means a deal-breaker but something potential buyers should bear in mind. If the weight matter is indeed something that might put people off, then the slight extra cost of the MORFIX will be worth it as this version feels meatier, and also comes with a special interchangeable magnetic side panel full of buttons to expand the customisable button range to 14!

Rated 8 out of 10

Great - Silver Award

Rated 8 out of 10
For mice that are sporting a budget price, both the GRAPHIN and MORFIX are amazingly fully-featured. With an insane range of options for customising buttons, plates, DPI and colours, as well as having unique eye-catching design, they are an excellent purchase. The only real downside is the cheaper feeling materials but, again, at the price and with the feature-set on offer, it's going to be hard to beat either the GRAPHIN or MORFIX.

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