News: Last Month On YouTube - Nov 20

By Neil Flynn 03.12.2020

News: Last Month On YouTube - Nov 20 on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion
Welcome to the November edition of Last Month on YouTube! We take a look back at a curated list of content to help you discover content that you might have missed. Be sure to follow all of our fave YouTubers and remember to ring that bell to get notifications.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for any other YouTubers to be added please comment below!

Nintendo Life - How to fix the Pokemon Series


Top Hat Gaming Man - Mortal Kombat: Why Did It Cause Outrage?


SLOPES Game Room - Alien vs Predator - The History and the Games


GameXplain - Gamecube controller now works in Mario Sunshine for Nintendo Switch


Liam Robertson - Green Lantern's Cancelled SNES Game


TeeChu - 90s Gaming Cartoons


Source Gaming - No More Heroes 1+2 Review for Nintendo Switch


Trista Bytes - The Perfect Game of PAC-MAN


Sunpi - What's on my PS5 hardrive?


Elz The Witch - Playing NBA 2K21 with TBJZL!


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