Tech Up! WeSC True Wireless Earbuds (Review)

By Luke Hemming 23.02.2021

As a newcomer to the wireless scene, the thought of having music blaring into this reviewer's sound-holes without a wire tangling around a wallet or button is exciting enough. After making a foray into the world of bluetooth and charging cases, the WeSC True Wireless Earbuds prove to be not only a solid performer, but one that showcases some great features for its budget price.

At a very reasonable £59.95 at most UK retailers researched at time of review, the build quality of these earbuds makes for pleasant viewing from the moment the box is opened. Not only are the earbuds presented professionally, but also front and centre is the included charging case (more on that later). WeSC also kindly include a charging cable and multiple replacement bud covers to allow any ear shape to comfortably enjoy what these have to offer. Basically, a lot of bang for your buck.
Aesthetically, there isn't anything not to like and these will sit comfortably while not looking too intrusive to the earphone enthusiast looking to strike up a conversation. What might have been an issue just for this reviewer (which is more than likely due to their relative inexperience with the technology) was the initial introduction of the tech to their ears. With the headphones of yore possessing a tried-and-tested fit, wireless in-ears seem at first glance to take a few steps back when it comes to utility. Important safety tip, kids: nowadays you put the thin end closest to the eardrum.
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Once in correctly, it's hard to notice any kind of discomfort even after long sessions of use. With a little experimentation on which fitting to attach, these will stay firmly settled for hours without ever overstaying their welcome. This review has been written whilst taking full advantage of the world wide web's music collection to play through the earbuds. Another reason for using these so frequently - and an important factor for a pair of wireless earbuds - is the quality of the sound emanating from them.
As expected from the little brother of a pair of over-ear headphones, these aren't going to blow heads off volume wise but what they lack in that aspect they more than make up for in audio quality. A rich, crisp sound is the standard for whatever genre of music the mood takes. A clear dynamic range is ever-present, although future models could benefit from a bit of a bass boost. Noise isolation is also included to ensure full focus on the music.

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Feature-wise, no expense has been spared to ensure a good range of tinkering can be taken advantage of when adjusting the WeSC True Wireless Earbuds to your tastes. An integrated microphone allows for clearly audible handsfree calls to be made, as well as web searching and voice activation with minimal effort in terms of setup. Hidden away beneath the branded end of the earbuds is also a button that will accept and reject calls as well as controlling play, pause and skip functions when listening to music. One feature of note was that these touch buttons also work when playing video through a web browser; a little bonus that is mightily impressive in itself and super handy if in the zone when sitting at a desk for the daily grind. The WeSC True Wireless Earbuds are also water resistant, making them ideal for a quick British jog. 
The crème of the crop in this package is the wireless charge case. Unobtrusive but sturdy, this will charge the buds for five hours of use before needing a top-up. What is most impressive, however, is that the charging case also holds three additional charges. That's 20 hours of use before needing to plug in the case, which should be enough to satisfy most any user. An easy to interpret display at the front also shows just how many of those charges are left to take advantage of.

Rated 8 out of 10

Great - Silver Award

Rated 8 out of 10
With clear and crisp sound quality and a relatively budget price compared to some of the other big players in the wireless market, the WeSC True Wireless Earbuds are a welcome addition to the crowd. The features included, such as wireless calling and Google Assistant/Siri integration, set these apart from the competition. With an impressive 20 hours of usage when taking advantage of the charging case, it's a real effort to find better earbuds on the market at this price point. Add to this a sleek design that is mostly unrivalled by its competitors and these are clear winners in the race for in-ear superiority. Just make sure they go in the right way.

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