News: Last Month on YouTube - 21st March - Part 1

By Neil Flynn 03.04.2021 1

News: Last Month on YouTube - 21st March - Part 1 on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion
Welcome to the March edition of Last Month on YouTube! As the team has been a bit busy, this is actually the first edition of 2021 and, as such, it's time to recap some favourites from YouTubers' content for January, February and March in two editions this month! This is a curated list of content to help you discover content that you might have missed. Be sure to follow all of Cubed3's favourite YouTubers, and remember to ring that bell to get notifications!

If you have any feedback or suggestions for any other YouTubers to be added, please comment below!

Slopes Game Room - Pilotwings: The Complete History | RETRO GAMING DOCUMENTARY


Top Hat Gaming Man -Top 25 Nintendo 64 Games you couldn't play!


Sunpi - Little Nightmare 2 - I'VE HAD IT WITH THIS GAME!


Source Gaming - Why Characters Got Selected - Super Smash Bros Brawl


Elz The Witch - Playing FIFA 21 with REEV and Georgia Stanway


Liam Robertson - Big Games Nintendo Turned Down


TeeChu - SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive games that need remakes or sequels!


Nintendo Life - The 3DS Turns 10 Years old!


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An excellent selection of content! I'm particularly fond of the videos covering history and secrets Smilie

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