News: E3 2021 - Day Four, At Ease Soldier!

By Luke Hemming 12.06.2021

News: E3 2021 - Day Four, At Ease Soldier! on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Its our final preview of E3 and we have a bumper show for you.

Join Mike, Luke and Sandy as they discuss a myriad of new content from E3 2021.
From the upcoming Toy Soldiers HD to the PlayDate handheld console there is a lot to cover! We also give you the lowdown on Summer Games Fest's first day!


Sandy handles some exclusive info from behind the scenes of Toy Soldiers from his interview with the developers at Signal Studios Games and Luke and Mike get heated over the correct pronunciation of Chvrches when talking about Death Stranding: Directors Cut.
All that and more with your friendly neighbourhood Cubed Crew!

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