A Brand New Picross S Game Awaits - With a Twist!

By Lilly K. 29.07.2021

The Picross S series is ready to release its latest instalment: PICROSS S MEGA DRIVE & Master System Edition, or, for the US readers, PICROSS S GENESIS & Master System Edition.

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This time around, the picross formula comes with a welcome twist. In partnership with SEGA, this title will include grids of beloved retro game characters, which is a wonderful treat for any old school gamer.

Founded in 1992, Jupiter Corporation is a long-standing development studio for picross games across various Nintendo consoles. The Picross S series for Nintendo Switch is a successful run of games full of the beloved grid puzzles.

Picross, also known as Nonograms, are brain-teasers in the form of grids with numbers for each row and column that represent how many squares in these have to be filled. Once completed, players are rewarded with a picture. The Picross S series does a great job delivering these puzzles in a relaxing and well designed way.

PICROSS S MEGA DRIVE & Master System Edition is due for release on 5th August, so players can look forward to a brand new picross experience very soon!

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