News: Last Month on YouTube - July 21

By Neil Flynn 04.08.2021

News: Last Month on YouTube - July 21 on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion
The month of July was jam packed full of gaming content on YouTube. So much so that we have collated it together in a package just for you. Be sure to follow all of our fave YouTubers and remember to ring that bell to get notifications.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for any other YouTubers to be added please comment below!

Nintendo Life - 12 Unpredictable Things That Happened on Switch


Top Hat Gaming Man - The Story of Unreleased WWF Backlash - The Lost Sequel to WWF No Mercy


Source Gaming - Sakurai's Development of Kazuya - Source Gaming Translation


Sunpi - THE BEST *cute* NINTENDO SWITCH ACCESSORIES | Unboxing switch cases, bags & thumb grips



SLOPES Game Room - The Peter Molyneux KICKSTARTER Disaster


TeeChu- Sonic 30th Anniversary - TOP 10 Classic OST Tunes!


Nintendo Life - Jon's Favourite Japan Exclusive Nintendo Games


Can you think of any more additions? Feel free to let us know in the comments section.

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