News: New eFootball™ Gameplay at Gamescom 2021

By Neil Flynn 26.08.2021

News: New eFootball™ Gameplay at Gamescom 2021 on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

KONAMI, as part of gamescom 2021, has detailed numerous on-the-pitch gameplay features for eFootball™, the all-new football simulation platform from the makers of PES and Winning Eleven, via a new in-engine trailer.

eFootball announced earlier in the summer that it will be launching as a free-to-play title, worldwide first on PlayStation5, PlayStation4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10 and PC Steam® this Autumn, with iOS and Android to follow soon after.

Seitaro Kimura, eFootball™ series Producer at Konami Digital Entertainment commented: "With so much change this year, we believe it is important that people first understand the feel of our football game on the pitch - highly realistic and grounded in a clear passion for real-world football. Decades of experience developing PES and Winning Eleven titles have been poured into eFootball with the aim of reaching a massive audience of football fans around the world. This is the start of a unique journey and we have big plans for the future.
Controlling the ball touch
Players will be able to control the strength of kicking the ball as well as determining dribbling speed; from a knock-on all the way to a full dash, just as in real football. In addition, on PlayStation®5, eFootball™ will make use of the controller's haptic feedback and adaptive triggers to feel the difference of player movements*.
*This feature will be added in an update after launch. Please wait for further information.
Tricking the defender
With greater freedom to control how the player will trap the ball, each play becomes a mind game*. A wide array of dribbles and body feints are also available with intuitive commands. In combination, these ensure that every single duel offers an exciting moment for both attacker and defender.
*This feature will be added in an update after launch. Please wait for further information.
Steal the ball and create chances
Players can block their opponent's shot by throwing their body or by reading the kick and cutting the pass. Naturally, stealing the ball close to the opponent's goal creates an excellent scoring opportunity.
Physical battles
eFootball™ recreates the "physical defence", which is so important in real-life football, with a charging command when defending. In addition, the offensive team can also use their bodies to keep the ball in play, making both offensive and defensive play more dynamic.
Perform a Sharp Kick*
An option to charge a "sharp kick", complete with new animations, will make the game even more technical and exciting. Players will be able to perform special kicks, such as sharp crosses, fast lofted passes and rising shots. These new actions take more time to execute, so players will need to choose the right opportunities during a match.
*This feature will be added in an update after launch. Please wait for further information.
Focus on 1vs1 duels
The eFootball™ development team has analysed real-life football tactics to create a new set of "1vs1" win/lose rules. With Motion Matching technology, the game evaluates the ball, movement speed, body direction, physical ability and more in real-time to affect the movement of every player. These win/lose rules work in tandem with player movement to make the game more convincing, including foul decisions, which have been reworked.
Enhanced team playstyles and new controls
Team playstyles are a vital part of football, so the AI controlling the off-the-ball players has been revamped. Combining this with the new attacking and defending controls, players will have much greater freedom to play the way they want.
A new camera: Duel
The new "Duel" camera zooms in when the player is in a 1vs1 situation, allowing the player to enjoy the 1vs1 scene from a closer distance. When the player is in a free situation, the field of view expands, allowing the player to send a long pass at the right moment.
General improvements
The new Motion Matching animation system creates much more natural and fluid player movements. In addition, ball movement has seen further enhancements due to a partnership with a research institute. Finally, the action never stops during a match, due to the Seamless Restart system.
Further information about game modes, licenses, mobile, release date have yet to be announced although KONAMI have stated that these should be talked about in September.

Are you interested in the new revamped Winning Eleven/Pro Evolution Soccer? Let us know in the comments.

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