Professor Layton Soundtracks Released Online!

By Lilly K. 16.09.2021

Professor Layton Soundtracks Released Online! on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Great news for all Professor Layton lovers! As the official Japanese Professor Layton twitter account announced yesterday, 3 soundtracks will be released! Listeners are treated to the full soundtracks of Professor Layton and The Curious Village, Professor Layton and the Pandora's Box, as well as the Layton Mystery Detective Agency anime. Soundtracks can be found on iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube Music and Amazon Music. Will there be more to come in the future? We will keep watch!

View the original tweet here:

『レイトン教授と不思議な町』『レイトン教授と悪魔の箱』「レイトン ミステリー探偵社 ~カトリーのナゾトキファイル~」のBGMがそれぞれ収録されています!
ぜひチェックしてくださいね♪ — レイトンシリーズ公式 (@L5_layton)

Translated: Three soundtrack titles of the "Layton" series have been released today from 9/15 (Wednesday)! BGM of "Professor Layton and the Mysterious Town", "Professor Layton and the Devil's Box", and "Layton Mystery Detective Company-Katley's Nazotoki File-" are included! Please check ♪ 

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