News: Grapple Dog demo available on Steam Next Fest

By Neil Flynn 02.10.2021

News: Grapple Dog demo available on Steam Next Fest on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Jump, swing, and zip your way through colourful worlds and exciting challenges in Grapple Dog, a unique 2D action-platformer with a dog! And a grappling hook! 

The very first demo is publicly playable for the first time as part of Steam's official Next Fest celebration event, running from October 1st to October 7th 2021 - and there's even a speedrun competition for the winner to get represented in the final game. Simply get the fastest completion time for level 1-3, and you could see your name in the game or win fabulous prizes! Full competition details here.


Grapple Dog is coming soon to Steam - follow Joseph Gribbin on Twitter for updates!

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