INSiGHT: Free Guy - All Video Game references and Easter Eggs

By Neil Flynn 06.10.2021 2

INSiGHT: Free Guy - All Video Game references and Easter Eggs on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Disney's Free Guy is the next hit in the sensational video game cinematic universe, and while it is an original story it does have some tiny pieces of video game references.
Now that Free Guy has come to Disney+ we have paused through the movie to get the finer details. This is an explicit warning, if you do not want the movie spoiled then stop reading/watching here and come back after you watched it. You've been warned!


Did you spot any more gaming references? Be sure to make them known in the comments section.

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I finally got around to watching this yesterday and was pleasantly surprised! I chuckled at how he's called Guy, his best friend is Buddy, and his meat-head version is Dude. Such originality in the naming Smilie

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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It was pretty funny! Worth watching for anyone who has Disney + 

The whole Buddy, Guy thing reminds me of this in South Park

Even funnier that they are Canadians and Ryan Reynolds is Canadian!

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