News: Xbox Celebrates 20 Years in Multiple Announcements

By Neil Flynn 07.10.2021 1

News: Xbox Celebrates 20 Years in Multiple Announcements on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Microsoft have made a wide sweep of announcements to celebrate 20 Years of Play. The original Xbox launched in 2001 and has become a household name in gaming, cementing itself as one of the primary choices for gamers. The progressive moves Microsoft have made in the past 20 years have pushed competitors Nintendo and Sony to continually improve on their offerings to compete. 

Xbox announced a global partnership with adidas to celebrate our shared heritage of play and unveil our first console-inspired sneaker collaboration in honor of the 20th anniversary of Xbox.   

New Footware with adidas

The collab features an exclusive new adidas Originals by Xbox sneaker — the Xbox 20th Forum Tech — with translucent green details inspired by the special edition release of the original Xbox console for the launch of Halo: Combat Evolved in 2001, marking the first-ever generation of gaming at Microsoft. The adidas Forum Tech design balances nostalgia while embracing modern technology and is symbolic of how we look at our own Xbox history — celebrating the last 20 years and looking ahead to the limitless future of gaming.  

"​This is just the beginning of our partnership with adidas, and over the next few months we'll continue to mark our 20th anniversary by launching additional sneakers inspired by past and present Xbox console generations, including the first-ever sneaker available for purchase by our fans later this year."



Special Edition Xbox Controller

Sleek and sentimental - all in one package. The 20th Anniversary Special Edition controller is a fresh spin on the translucent green of the original Xbox Debug kit. The body of the controller features a translucent black finish with silver internals so you can see every detail. The nostalgic, green Xbox button brings us back to the first green Xbox logo. The iconic color can also be found on the back grips and around the hybrid D-pad.

Connect the controller to the Xbox Series X|S console, and an exclusive 20th Anniversary dynamic background will be unlocked.

The 20th Anniversary Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller launches on 15th November and is available for pre-order today for $69.99 USD in select Xbox markets worldwide, although at the time of publishing it only appears to be the United States. 

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Special Edition Xbox Stereo Headset

Built upon the new Xbox Stereo Headset, this 20th Anniversary Special Edition is something truly special. The headset similarly features a translucent black body with silver internals so players can see what brings this headset to life. Green accents on the boom mic, inside and outside of the earcups. The left disc is marked with our 20th Anniversary logo in the iconic green and the right dial has the Xbox logo imprinted, as seen on the Xbox Wireless and Stereo Headsets.

Just like the new Xbox Stereo Headset, enjoy ultra-soft large earcups and superb audio and chat quality. Users can adjust the volume by rotating the right earcup or quickly mute incoming noise with the convenient on-ear control. The headset also supports spatial sound technologies including Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone: X (may require additional purchases or app downloads).

Visit for more information.

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Xbox Anniversary Gear

The Xbox Gear Shop has now got some new items ready for purchase. Check out this sweet tee and hat inspired by the Xbox sphere button on the 20th Anniversary Special Edition controller. The premium, everyday gear is designed around all things Xbox and to celebrate 20 years of playing together. The Xbox 20th Anniversary Black & Green Sphere tee and hat will be available at Xbox Gear Shop. The Xbox Gear Shop ships internationally to most countries from the United States, so make sure to get yours before they are gone!
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Sky TV and Microsoft Bring the Kinect Back to Life

Sky TV announced a new project, Sky Glass, an all-in-one TV solution which aggregates content from all known catch up services and puts it into one convenient place. Sky have announced a number of other features, including one very familiar to Xbox players, particularly those who had a Kinect.

Using a capable 4K Camera the new service will have games that support gestures, motion controls and voice support. Sky's Chief Product Officer Fraser Stirling mentioned in a quote that;

"Working with Microsoft we're also building a fantastic feature that lets us watch TV together even if we're miles apart,"

Stirling continued "It syncs your TV with other households, with integrated video and chat on-screen, and you can choose content from the biggest channels — including Premier League matches, movies, and all your favorite entertainment." 

Microsoft attempted a lot of these functions on the Xbox 360 but went further with social interaction with Xbox One, leading to the infamous E3 2013 presentation. Sky Glass also has voice activated commands which can switch to the Xbox output on the TV without manually having to navigate to the particular HDMI channel. Unfortunately the new Sky Glass only has 60hz, so those looking to take advantage of the 120hz capabilities of the Xbox Series X|S consoles should look for alternative solutions.


What do you think of the Xbox announcements? Let us know in the comments[/h2]

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I ordered one of the controllers! Love the aesthetic, very rad and retro

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