NEO Magazine: Issue 202

By Shane Jury 22.11.2021

NEO Magazine: Issue 202 on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Returning to the forefront of Anime movie masterpieces, Akira is being treated to a shiny new 4K Ultra HD rendition, and NEO examines this classic to see how well it holds up 32 years after its Japanese cinema release. On the flipside of the issue is an extensive look at the sequel to a surprise breakout movie in 2016:Train to Busan-Penninsula, telling the tale of zombie apocalypse survivors and their struggle to find hope.

Elsewhere in the issue is a treat for all British Highlanders with Scotland Loves Anime 2020; an event that has gone virtual this year and primarily features the Lupin the Third and Love Live! franchises, together with streaming other such names as Penguin Highway and Patema Inverted.Wish You Were Here is a fun article gathering thoughts on aspects of Japan that people no longer living there miss most; from simple things like politeness and nightlife activities, to specifics like Sweets and fresh Ramen.Speaking of which, Ramen at Home takes a dive into options for preparing the popular foods in the household, with choices such as Samyang Ramen Spicy Chicken Noodles and Nissin Cup Noodle Original being considered.

Reviews for this month range from the World War II backdrop of Violet Evergarden, to the post-apocalyptical, petrified-humanity nature of Dr Stone, and Season 2 of the oddly named, but expectation-subverting Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?A peculiar highlight of this issue's review section would undoubtedly be the Monochrome 4K edition of Parasite, the critically acclaimed masterpiece. NEO Issue 202 is on sale now at all good retailers.

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