News: Picross S7 and Jupiter Sale

By Lilly K. 16.12.2021

What is better than a brand-new title in the Picross S series? A brand-new title that supports touchscreen controls! Jupiter has heard the pleas and implemented touchscreen controls in its newest title Picross S7, available on the 27th December this year for Nintendo Switch.

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It is now possible to use "Touch Hold" or "Touch Toggle" as input modes. With a grand total of 485 new puzzles, this title is something we've been waiting for!

However, there is more. Jupiter has announced a sale for its games that runs from 16th December this year, all the way to 5th January, 2022. Puzzle lovers can already put some of their Christmas money aside for this.

Stay tuned for a review of Picross S7, right here on Cubed3.

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