Cubed3 Staff Game Awards 2021

By Az Elias 28.12.2021 2

Final Fantasy VII Remake took the crown in Cubed3's Game Awards last year, but after another twelve months of great titles, which game comes out on top from 2021's releases? There could only have been one winner, really. Read on for our standouts and comment below with your personal favourites of the year.


3rd Place: The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

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What we said:
"By far the most polished and interesting Ace Attorney title to date. It perfects the formula and offers a compelling narrative that bridges not just one but two games. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is a masterpiece of "Courtroom drama" and one in which fans and non-fans will find a stunning experience. Heartily recommended to not only Switch owners but to anyone who owns a console on which the collection will release!"
- Sandy Kirchner-Wilson
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2nd Place: Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

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What we said:
"Super Mario 3D World may not have had much added to it aside from an online function that is limited to only saving progress for the host, but it didn't necessarily need much else. Nintendo successfully found a way to evolve the 2D classics without going open world, and the result is one of the most consistently fresh and enjoyable games around, which, despite lacking the challenge of the NES games, has something for just about everyone.
The bonus Bowser's Fury solo adventure is an absolute delight with a brilliant core idea that adds a crazy tension to Mario platforming, but it is hard to present a case for purchasing this pack just to play it. Whilst full of great content, it is too short-lived to feel worth the asking price, and really needs a standalone purchase option. When taking both games into account for those that have not played the original Wii U title, though, this is a cracking bundle of Mario goodness that encapsulates what everyone knows and still loves about the moustachioed hero after an enduring thirty-five years."
- Az Elias
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1st Place: Metroid Dread

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What we said:
"In very much a Metroidvania move, backtracking to the start of the review with the question, "Is the new adventure worth the wait?" the answer is a resounding yes. Nintendo and MercurySteam have pulled off a sequel that is classic, essential Metroid with a sprinkling of the new; controls, visual direction and a terrifying new threat that sends a space-aged shiver through the spine.
Metroid Dread is the evolution to how side-scrolling Metroid should feel and the conclusion to something truly special. A thrilling chapter for players who have been looking up to the stars for decades, and a compelling tale for adventurers new to the series!"
- Jorge Ba-oh
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That's such an amazing Top 3, definitely, and shows the power of Nintendo's Switch line-up, considering Pokémon ended up just outside the list.

Thanks for putting this together, Az Smilie

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

UNITE714: Weekly Prayers | Bible Verses

Excellent top 3 there!

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