Tech Up! Tronsmart ONYX Prime True Wireless Earbuds

By Sandy Kirchner-Wilson 31.01.2022

Tronsmart offer a wide range of tech devices and their newest Wireless Earbuds, the ONYX Prime, is promising quite the plethora of features! Tronsmart as a company has grown rapidly across the globe, due to its high-quality-low-price gadgets, since their launch in 2013. From earbuds to speakers and even accessories they provide a quality product line making use of cutting edge tech. Its time to see what the ONYX Prime can offer.

First of all what's in the box? Well, Tronsmart have packed in a decent number of items. They come with the earbuds, charging case, USB-C-USB-A cable, replacement ear hooks and ear tips with different size and obviously the manual which is more of a leaflet. 

Everything feels premium and has a decent but not too heavy weight. The design of the earbuds are fairly ergonomic but they do have quite a bit of bulk to them for the drivers and microphones so expect them to stick out fairly far. The ear fit is good, they never felt like they were loose or at risk of falling out even while exercising. The plastics on the ear tips and hooks are soft making the fit rather comfortable even over a long period of time.

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The charging case is similarly decnet quality, the hinges, clips and connectors are excellent but the main case plastic has a texture that feels a little bit cheap, however, it is better than having it made piano black reflective plastic. Charging the case and connecting the earbuds is perfectly simple and the charge lasts a very, very long time allowing for approximately 40 hours overall playtime.

Pairing the ear buds was simple for one device, if a little hard to do for multiple. Upon first removal from the charging case the earbuds automatically enter pairing mode and they pair effortlessly with Nintendo Switch via the bluetooth headset option in the settings menu. The earbuds themselves have touch controls that definitely have a learning curve. For one, to put them back into pairing mode it is required to put them back into the charging case then long press on the earbuds to reset them. This doesn't undo the first pair but opens up the possibility of adding them to more devices. The touch controls often lead to the wrong function being produced to begin with but after some practice it's a bit easier to pull off skips and volume changes. There are also full touch phone/web calling controls.

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Sound quality is excellent, their dual driver system really helps flesh out the highs and lows without losing the middle frequencies. The bass is nice and juicy without overwriting anything else and the volume can go very high. Basically they are excellent, maybe even better than some comparably priced full headsets. For games there is a low latency game mode that can be switched on by touching the earpiece for 3 seconds. This mode is crucial as the delays in audio are essentially eliminated, which is essential for anything requiring fast reactions. Even the microphones produce a clean and clear sound perfect for voice chat, phone calls and web calls. 

Rated 9 out of 10

Exceptional - Gold Award

Rated 9 out of 10
These are an amazing product that produce sublime sound, look excellent and provide all the features of their more expensive contemporaries. Each individual part feels premium and fits snugly in a pocket. These are the perfect partner for gaming on the go, especially with a Nintendo Switch. Highly recommended!

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