Review: LEGO Ultimate Collector's Series Razor Crest

By Lilly K. 04.11.2022 1

Star Wars fans have been able to turn to LEGO for merchandise of their favourite franchise for a long time. With the recent release of the LEGO Razor Crest, fans who enjoyed The Mandalorian have been given the chance to acquire a set that promises great things. How does it hold up?

Upon seeing the box for the LEGO Razor Crest set, one cannot help but be impressed and perhaps even a little bit worried. Building this set will not be simple and it will not be fast. On the other hand, this is where the fun is, so let's start! 

Opening the box, builders are greeted by - 2 smaller boxes. Right from the get-go, one has to admire the art on the boxes, almost wondering about whether there is a way to frame and display them, too… The boxes are labelled 1 and 2, so naturally, it makes sense to start with box 1. More than 19 bags of bricks and 2 envelopes await the builder in box 1. Both envelopes contain a chunky building manual each, the first of which also including the dreaded stickers. 

Upon opening the first manual, builders are greeted by background information about the build, as well as information about the show and behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot. This type of background information is great and delightful to every fan of the series.

Not unexpectedly, building this model takes a long, very long time. Of course, with a total of 6187 pieces, this really should not come as a surprise. It is not quite clear why this model is labelled as age 18+, but it could be to do with the complexity. It can become really complex, and extreme care and precision is needed to not make mistakes (and get confused about them later). However, all of this complexity and time is rewarded with an extremely detailed model of the Razor Crest, with little nooks and crannies and hidden gems that just make this even more special, such as doors that can open or the weaponry cupboard. 

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Finishing the whole build may well take a good few days, and builders are rewarded with a truly enormous model of the Razor Crest that will be difficult to fit onto a normal shelf. 

While truly beautiful, the grey colour can become a bit much while building. This is obviously due to the ship design itself and not LEGO's fault. Some of the inside use some more colourful bricks but these are unfortunately soon covered up by grey again.  The insides of the ship are beautifully detailed, and the top bits of it are just loosely put on and can be removed to easily have a glance inside. Moving the build around is difficult because it is, understandably, quite heavy and really large. 

In addition to the obvious Razor Crest, this set also includes a few other extras; the Mandalorian, the Mythrol, Kuiil, Grogu and a Blurrg. The figures can be incorporated to "live" inside the ship, or can be displayed on the stand with the information plaque about the ship itself. 

Overall, once displayed the LEGO Razor Crest looks absolutely stunning, both as a piece of Mandalorian trivia as well as a reminder of how much joy building it brought.

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Rated 9 out of 10

Exceptional - Gold Award

Rated 9 out of 10
A set of this size is a lot of fun to build, and once built, the LEGO Razor Crest looks stunning. It would be preferable to not have any stickers, but other than that the instructions are great and the detail on this model is truly amazing.

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It really is an exceptionally big, really impressively detailed set!

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