Review: Loungefly Fantastic Beasts Magical Books Mini Backpack

By Lilly K. 30.11.2022

Searching for beautiful accessories of favourite movie franchises or series can be difficult, and finding high quality items even more so. Perhaps this is why Loungefly has been so successful with their business model. By selling officially licensed but reinvented accessories aimed at fans of pop culture, such as Disney, Harry Potter, Pokémon and more, the company was able to make a name for itself. But do their items really hold what they promise? Let's find out!


Focussing on the Loungefly Fantastic Beasts Magical Books Mini Backpack, it becomes immediately obvious that there is a certain standard here. This small backpack is made from vegan leather, using metal zips and a metal plate to acknowledge the movie series it's inspired by.
The leather has a beautiful printed and textured design that covers most of the bag, bar the small front pocket, which is the centrepiece of the design, looking like a stack of books. These are also made from leather, but detailed down to the different book titles, such as "Extreme Incantations" or "Sonnets of a Sorcerer". The stitching looks flawless and the overall design simple but innovative.
The form is sturdy, and the inside of the main bag is larger than it seems from the outside. There is a pocket inside that, in bigger bags, would hold a laptop. For this size of bag it may only hold a tablet at max though. The inside fabric also has a nice, simple pattern, looking unassuming and elegant simultaneously.

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While there are pockets on each side of the bag, they seem a bit small to actually hold large water bottles, but could hold a foldable umbrella or small bottle. The straps on the bag can be adjusted for different sizes, as is to be expected. The only thing really missing, overall, would be a small security pocket of some form, that could hold a small wallet and phone and isn't easily accessible.
Overall, the design and make is superb. Unassuming, yet fashionable, the bag looks and feels fancy. The quality of the stitching and different parts speaks for itself.

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Rated 9 out of 10

Exceptional - Gold Award

Rated 9 out of 10
The Loungefly Fantastic Beasts Magical Books Mini Backpack is a wonderful accessory for someone who would like something a little bit fancier. The design is beautiful, but especially the overall quality of the bag is superb. The only downside is the lack of a security pocket, which could bring this bag to achieve perfection.

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