Tech Up! Gamesir G7 Wired Controller Review

By Luke Hemming 10.02.2023

 Gamesir have been cornering the market in affordable technology in the console /PC market for a few years now and with the latest iteration, the Gamesir G7 they have possibly refined their design to perfection. An Xbox/PC compatible controller has been created with a heavy focus on design and adaptability with some nifty little custom features at a very affordable price point. 

The first noticeable difference straight out of the box is the additional white face plate. Not only to give a distinct difference from the norm by itself, but with the material, paint friendly. In what is certainly an intentional call, the more creative of consumer can now really make their controller their own and customise to their hearts content (no creative ability here so its staying white for the foreseeable). 

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As a veteran of their products, another nice thing to see was that instead of the standard Gamesir logo, The Xbox button shines brightly in the middle of the build, again focusing on the choice to make a controller that may not be compatible with multiple devices, but one that with a sharper focus is all the better for it. Comfort wise, it feels great in the hands, previous controllers have been criticised for their small size making extended sessions a struggle. No such problems here. In fact, compared to the standard Microsoft controller, the edges feel a little smoother all round. Gamesir however, may have gone a little overboard on the amount of grip texture offered. No throwing this one in anger. Grip on the thumbsticks are super grippy and seem a little larger for those with thumb deformities from years of gaming. The additional back buttons also allow audio volume to be adjusted with a combination of the d-pad. Not being a reviewer who regularly updates their controllers this may also now be a standard feature but here, one that stood out as quite unique. If you are comfortable with Microsoft products, with the level of quality here, you really arent going to see any noticeable difference apart from having a lot more to play with than a boring old standard pad. 

After painting up your controller and making it truly unique (having a plain white faceplate is just as unique right? Nobody just leaves it white), it's time to plug it into the PC and really get to the meat on the bones. Gamesir has its own app on the Microsoft store in order to adjust any details to your hearts content. Using this Nexus software profiles can be created to suit playing needs and fiddle with any detail you fancy. All the expected adjustments are present with trigger sensitivity, vibration level and button mapping etc. Not being one for latency etc, focusing on the performance of each part of the pad isn't something that is focused on although for the technical amongst you, all those options are there and appreciated. 

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Rated 8 out of 10

Great - Silver Award

Rated 8 out of 10
 The greatest compliment the Gamesir G7 can receive is that in its use, it feels just as good, if not better than a standard Microsoft controller. Focusing the product to create a superior pad compatible with less gaming options was certainly the right call and if Gamesir puts this focus into other system products rather than appealing to the masses, they could really be onto everything. Wired still feels like a bit of a backstep and it's a shame there is no internal battery, but if it's a high-quality wired controller you can not only tinker with internally, but create a unique piece of art on the outside too, look no further. 

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