INSiGHT: Neo Magazine vol 231

By Sandy Kirchner-Wilson 21.07.2023

NEO magazine issue 231's cover highlights the upcoming movie The Tunnel to Summer, The Exit of Goodbyes, a bit of a mouthful to say. This new film from CLAP studio adapts a Japanese novel and has a very curious, or to quote, "Japanese" version of time travelling. It sounds incredibly interesting and launches in UK cinemas on the 14th of July thanks to Anime Limited.

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The rest of the issue has very cool feature content, from Makoto Shinkai's The Garden of Words stage adaptation, to "From Gunbuster to Great Pretender", covering the latest big screen and small screen releases from Anime Limited, alongside Natsu No Nihongo, Summer Japanese, all about Japanese summer culture. This is alongside anime exposés for shows such as Oshi No Ko and The Ancient Magus Bride which reveal in depth information about these shows and more.

As always there are the staples of NEO magazine with the anime, manga and music release schedules and the monthly manga highlight. This month features Don't Lose your Head by Angélica Rosales. With its unique art and curious story, it's a fun read! 

Alongside this, NEO magazine plays host to a recipe corner. This month's delights are recipes from East and Southeast Asia. Expect mouth-watering Korean Fried Chicken and Chicken Nanban. This month is chicken heavy, so sorry vegan or vegetarian readers! At least the recipes include side dishes! 

It's a great issue to kick off midsummer. The anime and other media highlighted are awesome. It even includes NEO's review of Final Fantasy XVI which is worth comparing with Cubed3's own

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