Picross Expert, Jupiter, Announces Logiart Grimoire for Steam

By Lilly Kirchner 29.08.2023

Picross Expert, Jupiter, Announces Logiart Grimoire for Steam on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion
Jupiter is the studio when it comes to number puzzles. The studio has been in the game for creating number puzzles for a long time - in fact, some of its earliest titles released on Super SNES. Since then, it managed to perfect the experience of Picross, regularly releasing titles of its Picross S series for Nintendo Switch. Now, Jupiter is ready for a brand-new release! What does it have up its sleeve this time?

Jupiter's new title Logiart Grimoire combines two puzzle types: Logiart, a number puzzle similar to what is also known as Picross, and Fusion, a word puzzle. Players will have to solve the Logiart puzzles that can then be fused to create new puzzles.

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The story of this title centres around Emil, the custodian of Logiart's grimoire. Players will assist Emil in deciphering the magical grimoire to restore its magic back to what it had been before. Emil's magical power can be increased by solving puzzles, enabling players to fuse even more puzzles subsequently. The more puzzles are cleared, the more categories in the book will be accessible.

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With a total of 280 puzzles in various sizes, Logiart Grimoire is definitely something to look forward to. The art style also looks great already! Early access on Steam will start on the 12th of September, and Jupiter is looking forward to player feedback to include in the development process. As such, any players are invited to share their feedback on the Steam Community bulletin board, or on Twitter. A Nintendo Switch release is also planned for the future.

Cubed3 is looking forward to this new adventure!

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