News: Jupiter Announces Picross S+

By Lilly Kirchner 18.09.2023

The Picross S series has long been a staple for puzzle loving Nintendo Switch owners. Therefore, it is incredibly exciting to learn that Jupiter, the studio behind the Picross series, has announced Picross S+! This title allows players to play puzzle problems from the Picross e series, which had previously been available to download on Nintendo 3DS.
The basic software allows players to dive straight into puzzles from Picross e, with the opportunity to purchase puzzles from Picross e2 through Picross e9 as additional DLC. This release is scheduled for 2024!

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Additionally, Jupiter's Logiart Grimoire is now available to play in early access on Steam, and the studio encourages players to provide feedback to guide the development in a way that players want to see.
Logiart Grimoire is combining number puzzles with word puzzles to create a wonderful fusion that should appeal to every puzzle lover!

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