Tech up! Trust GXT 498 Forta Gaming Headset

By Luke Hemming 23.09.2023

With its strong reputation for affordable and reliable hardware, Trust has begun to branch out into the next gen market over recent years. Its latest foray, a stylish PS5 compatible headset that can hold its own against the bigger brands and absurd Sony ideas of how to sell quality audio to the consumer.

Straight out the box, it's hard to tell the difference between this and an official Sony product. With its aesthetically matching white finish and some beautiful curves, leaving this next to your PS5 is only going to enhance the look. Obviously looks are not the main draw for a product focusing on sound, but its startling Trust can go this close to the style and flavour of the Tower of Terror without some kind of legal intervention.
'Whats in the box?!', I hear you cry like a more attractive Brad Pitt. Inside is what would be expected, a 3.5mm jack (this is wired after all, a detachable microphone and the aforementioned headset itself. Nothing to write home about but nothing else is really needed. The headset is the star. Once on your noggin, the Trust GXT 498 Forta Gaming Headset is surprisingly light, with a soft cushion covering the headband and equally comfortable ear buds. Exactly what is needed for long gaming sessions. As usual, Trust goes for quality without the premium price banding.

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Equipped with 50mm speakers in each bud, these pack a meaty punch with clear distinction between bass and treble and a healthy midrange in most gaming situations it was put through the ringer with. There is always the fear that with cheaper headset there may be some distortion in sound or at worst, crackling, no such issues here however. The wired connection may be an issue for some but with such an affordable price point producing sound quality that could rival some premium brands, it's a more than satisfying trade off. With a 1.2m cable, distance is never going to be an issue although there is always the worry that over time the inevitable twisting may begin.

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For use outside of gaming, having a detachable microphone is a massive tick, by allowing the removal of something that can easily distract in the eyeline, the Trust GXT 498 Forta Gaming Headset suddenly becomes far more versatile and the headphones of choice for tablet movie watching or relaxing to some of those new tunes the kids are always talking about.

For all the Thunbergs out there, Trust has also committed to creating environmentally friendly products not only looking at the packaging but the hardware themselves. The headset bundled here in its environmentally friendly packaging is made using a majority of recycled plastic. Go Planet!

Rated 8 out of 10

Great - Silver Award

Rated 8 out of 10
Although it feels like a broken record, Trust products inevitably come down to the same final thoughts. A great product for an affordable price point. Are you going to get a better quality of sound forking out the big bucks? Sure, but its very hard to beat the Trust GXT 498 Forta Gaming Headset for its superb audio quality and aesthetic with any products in the same budget.


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