Tech up! Trust Lyra Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

By Luke Hemming 23.09.2023

With a prominent use of tablets in industry, certainly in the case of this reviewer, the practicality of connectable tablet keyboards, although useful, cannot compare to a good ol' fashioned keyboard and mouse combo. With this is in mind, Trust is aiming to bridge the gap between portability and ease of use with the Trust Lyra Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo
Focusing more on a laptop style setup to its keys, with a padded touch under finger, the initial setup may feel a little jarring for those of us bathing in the goodness of a nice click-clack. With a portable system aimed at laptops and tablets however, this does seem like the correct choice and very quickly begins to feel natural for environment they will get the most use in. Responsiveness is perfect, it's just the mental hesitation of a lack of a loud bashing sound to get over. 
Focusing on portability, you get a small compact keyboard that contains all basic keys required without a separate number pad. Not really an issue for a budding journalist on the go but perhaps a consideration for those whose jobs require quick calculations. It's a suitable and acceptable loss for the small size and ease of use. 
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One of the best features is the ease of swapping between devices, essential if carrying around a lot of kit and needing to switch between them in a moment. Fully wireless, the Trust Lyra Wireless Keyboard and Mouse can assign a maximum of three devices at a time to its memory, using both Bluetooth and wireless dongle connections respectively. The same applies to the mouse which after some heavy use, still feels comfortable in the hand and again, small enough to quickly whip out at any opportunity. 
The best part of the combo for an underrepresented demographic such as myself is the build being suitable for us lefties. With a completely ambidextrous design on its mouse, at no point did any part of its use feel awkward and neither the keyboard nor mouse gave off the "its not made for me so its ok to make do" mentality us sinister folk are forced to accept on a daily basis. Add to that the superb battery life and this truly is a force to be reckoned with and a serious consideration for the mobile employee.  

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Concerning the battery life of this setup, a quick 2-hour charge will more than see you through the working week, with Trust estimating a potential 6-month daily usage on a single charge. Even if this turns out to not be the case, with such a quick time to get this bad boy back to full power, a little less time than estimated is hardly going to be an issue.  

Rated 8 out of 10

Great - Silver Award

Rated 8 out of 10
With a job such as journalism, articles and notes are often written on the move and very quickly, the Trust Lyra Wireless Keyboard and Mouse has become the setup of choice. Taking up barely any room in a bag with its ultra slim design and being a reliable, comfortable piece of kit has given it top billing as a must have accessory for the worker who prefers a bit more of the home/office comforts in an ever-increasing mobile world.

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