Press Release | Best AR code ever?

By Jorge Ba-oh 17.04.2003 1

Legend of Zelda: Windwaker | Secret Area Codes

It seems that this is no rumour or belated Fool's joke - for it has been confirmed by Code Junkies themselves, and with some pretty astounding results.

Code Junkies has discovered, yes, discovered (no pun intended), some immense codes that can be used in the latest entry to the Zelda franchise, The Wind Waker, to open up some remarkable levels - levels? Well, not exactly what you would expect. It seems that, for some reason or another, Nintendo had retained the testing core for the game itself. Why? Who knows, and could this be a glitch - perhaps. But, Nintendo aren't complaining, and it gives the chance for fans to control Link in a totally "Monkey Ball" like world.

What does this mean? Well, from the screenshots the company have placed on their site, it seems that our little hero has been disabled of his brutal weaponry and left with... his pyjamas! Fun, yes, and visually surprising for a glitch.

A quote from the company:
Image for Press Release | Best AR code ever?It takes something really, truly special for us to declare that we may just have created the best cheat codes ever, but that's our reaction after witnessing just how jaw-droppingly awesome our new codes for Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker are.

What we've uncovered is a series of really cool test maps left in by the game's programmers. As you'll see from the screenshots below, these are crazy locations quite unlike anything you'll see in the 'proper' game, and of course there's no other way to play them other than via an Action Replay for GameCube.

Image for Press Release | Best AR code ever? Go and enjoy the codes below. And remember, only Action Replay can unlock the unauthorized secrets that GameCube programmers don't want you to discover...

View Codes for the Game

A breakthrough in codes for games, perhaps, but this is certainly an excellent addition to the game's code list, as well as helping the product sustain a position in the market, well, it will sell many more units when the references appear in the physical media, that's for sure.

Graphical - slightly different from the official counterpart, but, nonetheless astounding so to speak. It has retained, surprisingly, some of the more subtle realistic effects of it's N64 brother - clear water particles, topped off with some more prominent shadows and textures.

This newfound coding is a great extra to try out, and maybe worth the purchase of an action replay unit to test such coding genius.


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