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By Jorge Ba-oh 17.04.2003 1

Gamecube Demo Disk

It's true, and has actually been confirmed, due to some printed media that has been in distribution from Nintendo themselves.Oh, and it's so far a US only thing...

Why provide demo discs? Well, in a gamble to raise the consumer purchases of the console, why not offer something for free to the greedy gamers?

The package, nicely pencilled into a promotion that sparks the consumer trap of "Free Game", shows off the what seems to be an excellent selection of titles - excellent? Well, considering that the unit includes your favourite blue hedgehog, some devious steath sessions, a man in a red suit and a giant egg, things perhaps seem a little too good to be true, but, it is.

Confirmed titles:

  • Splinter Cell
  • Viewtiful Joe
  • Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg
  • Sonic Adventure DX

    Games that actually have a reason to be on a demo disc - astounding to say the least, and what is looking up to be an excellent package, well, and also the fact that IGN has learned of the presence of... Soul Calibur 2 (US) to the lineup, all seems like a spectacular offer on Nintendo's behalf.

    Proof? I'm sure you want/need it, well, here is a snippet that IGN have acquired:

    Click on the image above to enlarge

    Whether or not this deal, or similar, will arrive in Europe sometime soon seems likely, and the prospect of Nintendo doing something, finally, to actually promote their product to its full potential is a cause for concern - and it finally appears that the wise old giant has returned from rest and will prosper once more.

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