All is not well and good....

By James Temperton 19.04.2003 1

And with a poof of smoke...
The unfortunate news that Capcom has canned 18 of it's titles was released today by Reuters Japan, due to poor performance by it's newly released titles. New titles such as P.N.03, Chaos Region, as well as many others, haven’t sold well, and big hitters such as Resident Evil Zero and Devil May Cry 2 fell way below their predicted sales figures. It is unclear which of Capcom’s titles development has been halted at the moment, but it was said that 10 of the titles were for the Game Boy Advance.

This is clearly bad news for the company, but what, if anything, will it mean for the GameCube? Nintendo have been pouring help into Capcom over the last year, but it would appear that things havn't worked out. People seem to be loosing interest in the sorts of games that Capcom provides, and indeed, the focus of the industry is shifting. Gamers are looking for quick and easy thrills, something that Capcom's current selection of titles dosn't offer. True, Killer 7 and Viewtiful Joe look to change that, but they are not games that fit into the mainstream of gaming. Its no disaster yet, but things are not all that great....


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