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By Jorge Ba-oh 22.04.2003 1

Starwars: Rogue Squadron 3
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The first GameCube encounter with the StarWars franchise came with the sucess of Rogue Squadron 2 for the console with its launch last year... and, with this acclaimed achievement with their new found "home", the developers, Factor 5 have decided to revamp the system and style of the genre for some rarther new situations....

Factor 5, today, reveals the first images of Star Wars - Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike on GameCube. Another rehash or something entirely new, special and a worthy wait for development.... ?

What new innovations does the title hold? Well, relating back to it's predecessor, you can probably remember allowing your team to help you out in a manner of different situations, but, they were only in the air or in similar crafts to you, but, this has all changed.

How? Well, due to a change in gameplay mechanics, it seems that you can now control team members using an array of different crafts, and, remarkably, on land too - yes, and this enables a far better tactical approach that the previous had lacked.

Also, relating to the last entry in the series, it seems that a multiplayer option had been emitted, or had not been though of, the latter being most likely, and with some time to redevelop the game's engine, it seems that a 2 player co-op mode has been included in the sequel.

The graphics, from the screens below, seem to have been totally rehashed - trees, real vegetation inhabiting a planet? Fantastic, and from this, it seems that almost realistic visuals shine through the war torn space emphasis of the franchise.

I hope that the title is developed to vastly go beyond previous editions - why? Because the titles have exceeded in what they had been developed to do, spawned to create and also, judging by the screens, will perform even better.

Read on for several screenshots.

There are ( 8 ) screenshots below:

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