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By Jorge Ba-oh 26.04.2003 1

Spawned from the Exoop loving undergrowth

Version4.0 has arrived, changes? Well, quite a few, actually, but, perhaps not a major revamp, but, some interesting changes.

First off, we've, as Tempo mention earlier, have an excellent new line-up of staff members here at Cubed3, and some more to come...:-D

But, is it just a new face? Well, we do have some excellent new features present on the site, that being:

New Sections

  • The Art Gallery: This brand new section, although previously announced last week, has been launched with this latest upgrade. It's features, well, pure and simple - allow users like yourself to upload some of your pieces to appear on the site. Whether your pieces be c.a perfection or a top sketch, reveal your talents online, a newfound persona, and who knows, it could develop into something quite spectacular...
    [b]View Art Gallery

  • Calendar: This section had been brought out several weeks back, but, it's now officially setup and working properly.

    The calendar shows events for the coming year, organised in monthly blocks.

    Feel free to add an event, although there is moderation, so please don't spam it. :-D

    To go along with this, there is now a themed calendar block... what does it do? Well, it's just like that larger version but portable and shows you on your visit the events for the current month with days that contain events conveniently highlighted.
    View Calendar

    Revamped Sections
    Literally every section has been revamped in some way or another. Instructions for all the site's sections are present, in case you don't know how to use it. Also, with each comes a new colour scheme, "ice blue" present throughout, as well as our new forums.

    Yep - the other day, the forums had been totally revamped, and, yes, it's all there and with a very stylish new look.

    Changes? Meh
    For those who claim of my "copy and paste" ways, then, quite frankly, screw you. Sure, I've said this before and I'll say it again - Cubed3 is based on the E-xoops engine, and I've actually done something to provide somewhat of a unique feel to the place, develop over the foundation and improve on what we've got.

    As you can see by the new, easier to use, or well, better confined menu, and layout, it's better than before, and again, the blue colours present throughout.

    New Blocks
    Along with the calendar block, there is our random character profile block, that displays a random profile to view on each visit to C3, but, we're still in the process of adding more profiles at time of writing, and why not help us out?!

    Also, a "most read articles" block, that reveals what you like to check out the most.

    Still to come....
    - A revamped posting page.
    - Revamped comments system.

    Special weekly events.... :-D

    I hope you enjoy the new version, and please post your thoughts, comments and criticisms below.

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