Nintendo News Round Up

By James Temperton 29.04.2003 1

Nintendo News Round Up
All the news from the world of Nintendo over the weekend!

Metroid Prime 2There have been reports from numerous sources that Metroid Prime 2 to be shown at E3. Apparently the title will not be playable at E3, but there will be a trailer for the game. The game is set to be released at about 2004, rather then the original target of late 2003. It has been said that Retro Studios has been working on this game for a few months now and that it should be in the form of the final title at the show.

GameCube: Price Drop

Now this may come as a shock. For years Nintendo and the word 'quick tactics' have never walked together, but now they do. According to our sources in the USA the GameCube is set to drop in price to below $100. The price is set to drop soon after E3, but Nintendo are not acting alone. It would seem that someone has copied another person, or the other way around, the full details on the price cuts are found below:

GameCube: $99.99
XBOX: $149.99
PS2: $149.99

So, whilst it is clear that Sony and Microsoft are directly competing with each other, they are unable to match Nintendo. This is due to the fact that the GameCube contains no DVD player, and the people that make the insides have been finding ways to make them for less. Expect a similar price cut to take place in Europe soon. If we were to follow the trend in America, a GameCube would cost under

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