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By Lee Sanders 30.04.2003 1

Nintendo Announces New Hardware!

Let your GameCube read!?Nintendo announced a couple of new goodies to plug into your GameCube. One opens the Cube to the digital world and the other turns it into an uber barcode battler!

First up and to arrive in Japanese stores on June 27 is a Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card reader. Looking like a standard GameCube memory card, it is actually an adapter that allows GameCube games to access the SD cards. As SD cards vary in size upto a whopping 512MB, they're obviously far more spacious than your standard Nintendo Memory Card.
That said, you can't plug and play a SD card to store regular game saves though, as games must be specially coded to recognise the adapter. Nintendo has already created some PC software called Animal Forest e+ for release on the same day which lets you take pics of your animals from Animal Forest and share them to pals with PCs.

All this e+ stuff may seem a bit weird for the 'Cube, but Nintendo also announced a special link-up adapter for the GameCube and GBA. This is the eCard Reader Plus, and is the same as the original eCard Reader, but with an expansion port that allows you to connect the 'Cube to GBA and transfer eCard info between them.
The eCard Reader Plus arrives on July 18 in Japan, but there's no news yet of a Western release for either of these. Although eReader is out in the US, a European release is looking unlikely.

Pilotwings Set To Shock E3!

And you thought Mario kart was exciting? Rumour mill explodes as sources point to Rogue Squadron developer Factor 5 updating the Nintendo classic?

Holy mackerel. Didn't see this one coming. Barely have we recovered from the shock of Mario Kart: Double Dash, than we're smashed full-on in the face and asked to consider the possibility of another Nintendo classic being updated for GameCube, with a surprise E3 showing just around the corner.
Remember Pilotwings? A brilliant first-party air-stunt title originally for SNES - which was the first truly amazing use of Mode 7 graphics - and a classy addition to N64's early oeuvre, heavy rumour now points to a GameCube version in the works.

"The word is that Nintendo will show Pilotwings developed by Factor 5 at E3," one inside source told us earlier today. Yes, Factor 5, developer of the brilliant Rogue Squadron series, a company with a proven track record of creating brilliant aerobatic software. Hubba hubba.

We contacted Nintendo for clarification, but a spokesperson would only say: "We cannot confirm anything at this time," which is far from outright denial, of course. Until we receive any official word about the title's existence, it's important to remain slightly sceptical, but the rumour is now increasingly gathering weight, and we find it impossible not to be dribbling all over ourselves at the prospect of a new Pilotwings.


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