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Nintendo News | Chibi-Robo Set to Clean Up Europe

Introducing Chibi-Robo!, the household helper robot, who is about to embark on an exciting adventure to bring happiness to his new family. Measuring in at just three inches tall, players must guide little Chibi to the top of the robot rankings and please his owners as they experience tough times in their lives. Polish up on those good deeds as Chibi-Robo!: Plug Into Adventure sweeps its way onto the Nintendo GameCube across Europe on the 26th May 2006

Chibi-Robo! is no ordinary toy; he's a helper robot with two very important pre-programmed tasks: to bring happiness to his family, and to strive to accomplish the coveted number one spot in the robot rankings by keeping his house spotless. At a time when things aren't going well for Chibi-Robo's! family, Chibi must provide his family with the support they need to get by. Players are set the task of exploring Chibi's new house, a beautifully 3D rendered environment, which seems like a huge world through the eyes of a three inch robot, before setting about making it the perfect home.

Cleaning and improving the home is never a chore for Chibi-Robo!. Players can use special Chibi Tools collected throughout the house to aid him in this task. Find a handy toothbrush to scrub away muddy footprints, or skillfully use a mug to hide under when needing to cross areas without being seen. This game could unlock the hidden domestic streak you never knew you had!

While playing, seek out Moolah (money) to buy all-important Chibi Gear to upgrade Chibi and help him get to those hard to reach places. Purchase a Chibi-Copter, allowing Chibi to hover across dangerously high gaps or the Chibi Blaster, a sonic beam that can open up hidden areas and protect him from attacking spiders. Cleaning the house not only makes his home spackle, but pleases Chibi's family, earning him valuable 'happiness points' to improve his robot ranking.

A clever twist in Chibi-Robo!: Plug Into Adventure is the way that the player encounters two separate sets of household inhabitants as day turns to night. During daytime they will meet the family as they move through the home, but by night, the toys come alive and rule the roost while the family sleep. Chibi can interact with, and entertain both, to earn 'happiness points' and be assigned tasks to complete, earning Chibi money for Chibi Gear upgrades.

Unfortunately like all machines, Chibi-Robo! is constrained by time and battery life. Every movement the player makes with Chibi will drain his power. To avoid losing power ensure Chibi is regularly charged at the various plug sockets located in each room of the house. Boosting Chibi's robot ranking will ensure upgrades to increase his battery life, allowing players to explore for longer periods of time.

Discover a range of costumes to entertain the family, as well as allowing Chibi to perform different actions. For example, change him into pyjamas to jump from day to night modes, or head into the garden dressed as a frog to speak with the pond life.

A useful resource to Chibi is scrap, collected by blasting the Spydorz (little robot spiders) who attack our hero. Through recycling this, players can build Chibi Utilibots such as a ladder to access high places or a bridge to cross large gaps, opening up new areas.

Prepare to carry out the good deeds of a lifetime as Chibi-Robo!: Plug Into Action launches on 26th May 2006 for the Nintendo GameCube at the estimated retail price of around

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