GBA News | Final Fantasy IV Advance set for Europe

By Jorge Ba-oh 21.03.2006

It's time for some classic RPG action on the sunny European shores for Nintendo of Europe have confirmed the release date for the highly anticipated GBA remake of Square's Final Fantasy IV.

The game is a port of the SNES version released over 15 years ago, promising to have the same charm, excitement and classic Final Fantasy action that many enjoyed with the original. Thankfully there are some nifty additions that are said to enhance the experience with improved graphics, sound, backgrounds and sexy new character portraits.

Along with the visual and sound upgrades comes a new, challenging level 50 dungeon for the experienced RPG enthusiast. The dungeon allows players to increase their skills, earn new weapons and face tough new bosses.

Aside from the upgrades, the original game's style, story and setting have been preserved to keep the legend alive.

Final Fantasy IV Advance launches on the Game Boy Advance on 2nd June 2006 at around

Box art for Final Fantasy IV Advance

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