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By Adam Riley 26.04.2006 10

Tom Nook
Near every cranny there is a Nook!

Profile by Alex Allison < Clarkman ~ Cubed3 Freelance Contributor >


Tom Nook is of Animal Crossing fame, his wicked ways and disgusting greediness will hang over you as you embark into the virtual world; In truth, you'll be working for and against him.


Age:35-40 (debatable)

Species: Racoon. What? Did you expect more?!

Location: His convenience store which you will have to visit regularly. And yet there does not appear to be toilet or shower facilities...maybe that is why the place is never exactly too busy, because of the smell!

Birth: His 'gaming birth' was in the N64 version of Animal Crossing, which sadly never made the journey to Europe's wide open arms (and was actually called Animal Forest in Japan).

Main Features: A long pointed snout, brown fur and a typical bushy tail. He is the same height as your character.

Clothing: His clothing changes as his store gets bigger. The larger the store the fancier the clothes. This ranges from a meagre apron to a fancy suit.


In Animal Crossing, Tom Nook will provide you with a home. Your task in the game is to earn enough money to pay off this loan to him by doing various chores. After doing so you will be granted a larger home for a higher price (and so the game progresses). He also owns a shop, where you can buy tools, furniture for your home, plants and so on.


  • Animal Forest (N64)
  • Animal Forest + (N64, Japan Only)
  • Animal Crossing (GC)
  • Animal Crossing: Wild World (NDS)

  • Best Appearance

    When you pay off your debt you'll leg it in glee to Nook who'll happily grant you what you've been spending all that time working for: A bigger home.

    Do Not Mention...

    All the time you'll spend earning the money to get the last few updates, it's disgustingly time consuming, you'll soon realise Nook is a greedy racoon who will demand your every last penny. Then there are those baby racoon twins, urgh...

    In closing...

    Nook isn't the kind of guy you'd let near your children, a greedy evil thing who you'll love to hate. He's a pivotal character in the games and without him it just wouldn't be Animal Crossing; his squeaky noises and relentless lust for your bells will keep you enhanced for months with the monster of a game. Bring on an appearance in SSB3 I say!

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    There are no replies to this article yet. Why not be the first?

    Sounds like a bit of a creepy racoon! Wouldn't like to meet him down a dark alley...ANY alley, come to think of it!

    Smilie Smilie

    Good first piece there Alex! Expect more from him soon, folks Smilie

    Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

    UNITE714: Weekly Prayers | Bible Verses

    He ain't coming anywhere near my bell(s)!

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    {Guild}Ohmdal: oops wrong chat


    And just where does he do his 'natural business' without any of the modern conveniences like a toilet, shower, etc??

    Worrying indeed... :alien:

    Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

    UNITE714: Weekly Prayers | Bible Verses

    Behinds the tree of course! That's where I do most of my business and I got two bathrooms.

    TAG: That American Guy

    "If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone." Romans 12:18

    TAG said:
    Behinds the tree of course! Thats where I do most of my business and I got two bathrooms.

    of course Smilie

    good stuff alex Smilie

    Co-founder of the PDSLB - Pink DS Lite Buddies Fraz: Cheerios are made from fairy orgasms.

    Thanks guys. He is a little wierdo! It's the nose that spooks me... urgh.

    ( Edited on 26.04.2006 16:51 by Clarkman )

    Nice Work Clarky!

    This isnt on the feature you know!Smilie That needs updating before I do my next one I think.

    .....All the time you'll spend earning the money to get the last few updates, it's disgustingly time consuming, you'll soon realise Nook is a greedy racoon who will demand your every last penny.....

    Right a bout this!

    and tom nook isnt such a bad dude

    2 more upgrades to go

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    Zcollvee, friend, don't revive ancient topics. Just. Don't.


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