Nintendo DS News | New Meteos On The Way?

By Mike Mason 26.04.2006 10

Quick news: 1Up are reporting that Buena Vista have announced a new version of Meteos for the Nintendo DS. Currently titled Meteos: Disney Edition, no more information is available at this time.

Stick with C3 for more as it comes...

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DISNEY EDITION!?!?!??!... Mkay...

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Hmm, I'm a little worried, but then the KH games have dispelled my worry.

Ohh baby, any type of Meteos would be great! PLEASE DONT RUIN THE BEST PUZZLER EVER BV!

I agree with clarkman, i really hope that they dont ruin it because i love meteos!

a disney version does sound er... interesting though...

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hmm, sounds interesting to me, to say the least.

I loved the first game and another edition with a different twist ain't a problem to me. Smilie


There's a quick mention in it in that article. I think it's basically what it says, a version of Meteos but with Disney themes and characters. Also, there's a PSP game called Every Extend Extra that sounds kinda interesting, I'm guessing the title is parodying E3.

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It's a whole new world... a magic place for little Meteos puzzlers... *sigh*.

Could be good, but will probably be a pants spin-off/theme.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Never played the original, but combining anything with Disney just reeks of laziness for me.

Disney sounds wierd. It did infact make a huge killing with kingdom hearts and by the looks of kingdom hearts 2 previews will do the same again.

I have nothing against disney movies. My favorite ,The Lion King, is the best.If they give it a more mature approach they could acomplish allot.Other characters like donald duck might not be the same but after the sales of kingdom hearths disney should not be dissed.

"Study this revelation, you nest of adders!"

Its not like a Disney tie in can be that bad for games. Look at Kingdom Hearts or the classic Mickeys castle of illusion (plus the sequals)!

Look past the Mouse! There could be a good game there! Smilie

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