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By Adam Riley 26.04.2006 7

More details are quickly pouring forth from the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, the one heralded by gamers over the past few weeks thanks to the promise of exclusive Revolution information. Following the news of Konami's Elebits, IGN Revolution is reporting that there is an interview with Tecmo's Keisuke Kikuchi within the hallowed pages. Kikuchi is the producer of the previously confirmed Skatto Golf Pangya Revolution, which was revealed during February of this year. The game is renowned throughout Korea in the PC world for its online action, so many presumed this would naturally be carried over to the Revolution.

Unfortunately, though, Kikuchi-san (who previously worked on Gallop Racer and the Fatal Frame titles) has said that whilst there is good news in that Tecmo will approach the Revolution version of Pangya as if it was a brand new game, not a port, the game will NOT have online gameplay. However, he hopes to include downloadable content in some form.

Tecmo's aim is to create a completely new standard in golfing for the home console, focusing on three main areas - the enjoyment of moving the freehand controller during play; creating a firmly more-defined world than in the PC game; and making the game in such a way that players will return to play for a short while each day for a long time into the future. He specifically highlights how gamers will surely be enamoured by being able to actually move their body whilst playing, making them feel much more immersed in the golfing environment than normal. But there will also be a fully button-based control scheme to compliment the Revolutionary system for extreme precision. Multiple character, each one with strong storylines and stacks of extras are just some of the inclusions in what sounds like a worthy competitor to the Tiger Woods series from Electronic Arts.

Skatto Golf Pangya Revolution is down as a launch title for the Revolution in Japan this year and has been confirmed as being on show at E3 in May.

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Golf... boring sport. But if the revolution can make a golf game worth playing, I'll eat my gamecube. (instead of selling it of course...)

LOL ur a barrel of laughs Pie man . Well it is bad news all the same that Skatta Golf won't be online bu the fac that Temco are going to build this from the ground up rather than simply port it over means that aprt from getting a great golfing gameplay experience via the freestyle,we'll also get lush environments that show what the Revo graphics Engine can really do. If this turns out to look better than the pc version and play better. Then it going on my top 10 Revolution games for 2006. I'm not a golf fan but i've played mario golf and it rocked! the freestly is gonna take us into Genres we probably wouldn't have bothered looking into under normal circumstances.
e3 can't come soon enough. 12 days , just twelve days and counting.......

That statement on detail and Revo's potential can be used for almost any Revo game. I applaude you on your interesting and factual inquiry.

( Edited on 26.04.2006 17:29 by Pie Man )

The obvious question is: Why the feck not?

It's going to be shit and you jolly well know it.

lol, i actually thought the news was going to be that Tecmo doesn't Fully support revo, meaning that it'll onlty bring this kiddie games to it.

It's not just a kiddie game Linkman, it's famous for being popular with the gay community.Smilie

It's going to be shit and you jolly well know it.

That's a shame, but hopefully the potential download content will be good enough!

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

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