Nintendo News | Wii Press Release Issued

By Mike Mason 27.04.2006 11

Earlier, Nintendo issued a press release about its next generation console, Wii. Interestingly, they only spoke of what was revealed at last year's E3, and didn't hype up the appearance at this year's event.

The complete press release:

Details released at Electronics Entertainment Expo, May 2005:

The Cool Look: The new console boasts high-quality materials and a smart, compact design, approximately the size of three standard DVD cases stacked together. A variety of prototype colors are being showcased during E3. It will come with a silver stand that makes the system a welcome, artistic component of any multimedia setup, whether it's displayed vertically or horizontally.

Backward Compatibility: The new console plays all games from the current Nintendo GameCube

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dissapointing... I thought that with the announcement of the name (be it the true name) they would tell us a tad more...

*cough* This is the information on Nintendo's US Press site. This has been there for some time now, but they've just added the Wii stuff above it.

Details released at Electronics Entertainment Expo, May 2005

Ahem...thought it sounded familiar! Smilie Anyway, a nice reminder before E3 2006 Smilie

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

UNITE714: Weekly Prayers | Bible Verses

I think once Nintendo goes to E3 and is made fun of by every Xbox and Sony fanboy... and most of everyone, they'll rethink the name... Hopefully.

Damn, I'm soo pissed off, I could have went to E3 this year, but E3 takes place during my finals week! >_<;

Who are we? We are the Knights who say..... "Wii"!

strange name thereSmilie

well i guess its a nameSmilie
i thought revolution was a weird name when i first heard it, thoughSmilie

Looking at all the disappointment people seem to have, I must say I'm shocked. It's still nintendo, it's still the revolution everyone was excited about. It's not like by naming it wii it will somehow gain the ability to spray sulphuric acid into your eyes.

In short, anyone who doesn't like it, get the hell over yourselves.

Exactly my point, Joadark Smilie

~Getting on C3's massive tits since 2K5.~

Tell us something we don't know. Oh well, E3 isn't too far away.

Guys -

Are you going to rename this site Wii3?

I like the sound of that btw - and the Wii name is growing on me! Smilie

No. The general consensus is that the Cubed3 name has superceded the notion of it being about the Gamecube since its premature death.

EDIT: I KNEW that word looked wrong - what the hell was I thinking?

( Edited on 28.04.2006 17:57 by Mason )


Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

UNITE714: Weekly Prayers | Bible Verses

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