C3 Exclusive Interview | The Wii Interview with Nintendo UK

By Adam Riley 28.04.2006 66

The Wii Interview with Nintendo UK's Rob Saunders
Conducted by Adam Riley & Mike Mason :: Friday, 28th April, 2006

Image for C3 Exclusive Interview | The Wii Interview with Nintendo UK

The Nintendo Revolution is no more. We all know that by now after last night's massive announcement and media blitz. The whole world is now aware that Nintendo's new home console is set to be called the 'Wii', pronounced 'we'. But this drastic change has brought up many questions, ones that were burning so hot Cubed3 just had to get the answers. Thankfully Nintendo UK's Rob Saunders was on hand to provide us with what we required...

Cubed3: First of all, just to confirm to our readers

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I guess that pretty much confirms it :-(

Good interview.

( Edited 11.10.2012 12:00 by Guest )

Nintendo Wii. man that name sucks

( Edited 11.10.2012 12:00 by Guest )

My Name Is Kizarny
hizave yizou sizeen thize hizuman bizlockhead

Wii are doomed Smilie ah well its just a name, that just sounds wrong. Should get over it soon

( Edited 11.10.2012 12:00 by Guest )

You found the word nipple! And you love touching them!

Such a shit name for a console....

( Edited 11.10.2012 12:00 by Guest )

Excellent interview, clears up a lot of aspects/issues IMO. I was chatting to my mates about it today, and it didn't seem at all odd saying it, its not as if it is going to be the brunt of anything other than a few playful headlines and jokes from cocky seven year olds. Fact is, Nintendo aren't specifically aiming at the GTA generation, Wii is about everyone and anyone.

Trying to think of a witty signature after 'Hacker-gate'...

Great interview, if a little PR, but that's not exactly a surprise considering context!

I missed out on popping in a few questions, but one probably be asking about the size of Iwata-san's brass 'yins Smilie

Anyway, I'm looking forward to Wii. I think a vast number of people will be eating their words soon!

Barry Lewis [ nin10do :: General Writer :: Feature Writer :: Fountain of Industry Statistics ]
"We're mentalist psychic Scots, which means we can read your mind. If you're lying, your head explodes and we laugh."

Excellent interview???? EVERthing apart from the name 'WEE' issue was good i had alredy predicted what the nintendo guy was gonna say about tha name. hes just a puppet foced to say what he is told not opinions, i know he hates the name, i know i hate, i know every here F'ING HATES it. That interview was good but pointless. if i were the intervier i wud have asked the most informal questions i wud literally shouted to Rob 'What tha hell are u thinking?!'

That should confirm it for me, but there've been other interviews and I'm still not entirely convinced. I'm ready to accept it, but I don't think I can fully until they stop on the stage at E3 and proclaim it 'Wii'.

"C3: Is there any concern that the name will affect sales dramatically because of the connotations that people may associate with it, particularly in the UK?

RS: We wanted a very short and easy-to-remember name that would be understood by people around the world while describing the concept of the system. Also, we took a bold step and chose a very unusual name for a game machine to communicate that it will provide people with an unprecedented entertainment experience, totally different from any experience offered by existing game machines. We believe we have found a very strong name for a very innovative system. And while we agree it may take a little time for the name to be fully accepted, we believe once you pick up the controller and play your first game, the name will make perfect sense. Any possible negative connotations will be quickly forgotten."

Danced around that question nicely didn't he... I think he knows it's a stupid name, and given his position he's just giving the interviewer the same answers he will give anyone else who asks even remotely similar questions, we employ the same tactics in our call centre.

cool interview!!! Wiiiiii cant wait fro EEEE333333!!! Smilie

I see all these people insulting the Nintendo corporation because of the lack of mature content. Yet there is something about Nintendo (at least their games) that strikes a certain unadulterated feeling of joy!!!  Pokemon Y - 1048-9263-5562

yeh lots of continually repeating phrases..

C3: Has the secret of the system's final name been released to give some breathing space before the real secret(s) are revealed at E3? And what are your thoughts on the news of force-feedback / rumble / motion sensing features that are currently rumoured to be included in the

IANC said:
Dude yuor totally awesome. And i won't be killing you anytime soon.

It's grown on me a little

Living for the weekend...
or waiting for the weekend at skilliation@hotmail.com

no need for a nickname.


It's going to be shit and you jolly well know it.

TimoteiWest said:
Danced around that question nicely didnt he... I think he knows its a stupid name, and given his position hes just giving the interviewer the same answers he will give anyone else who asks even remotely similar questions, we employ the same tactics in our call centre.

Yeah, I was disappointed by that, mainly because it was one of my questions and I wanted a proper answer referring to the UK specifically. Nevermind...

Good work from Adam for sorting this out by the way, cheers for including a couple of mine!

Pooey to them Smilie The guy contradicted himself alot:
'It may take some time to get used to.'
'We want people to be comfortable with the name before E3.'

Great inteview guys, and thanks to Rob from Nintendo for answering these for us. Met him once I think, nice chap.

Nintendo will continually rehash the same sorta answers though, and it's uncertain whether anyone really knows too much apart from the big boys at the top. It's definitely definitely gotten people talking about it, and excitement has risen for E3 no doubt.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Clarkman said:
Pooey to them Smilie The guy contradicted himself alot:It may take some time to get used to.We want people to be comfortable with the name before E3.Smilie

I don't see how that contradicts himself. They released it about 12 days before e3 people should be fairly comfortable with it by then.

XBL Gamertag: James2t3

So is it 'Wii' or 'the Wii'?
The both sound devastatingly awefull.

This is the must stupid decision Nintendo have made since, well probably ever. I mean how can ANYONE, ANYONE be so unbelievably, unspeakably FUCKING STUPID as to think that name is worth even considering. Have it as some internal PR bullshit, but don't let the frigging public here it!

Reggie you are a CUNT!!!

( Edited on 28.04.2006 17:09 by Brenda )

It's going to be shit and you jolly well know it.

Really got lucky with this...Rob was dead helpful and trying to sort it all out from work, dodging round the annoying filter system and not even being able to log on to C3 was GREAT FUN Smilie Smilie

But thanks to Mike for a few extra Qs, John for sorting me out with getting the article up and James for adding images later. Barry nearly got in on the act too, so an almost-thanks for him as well! Hehe Smilie Smilie

Stars a-plenty to hand out, methinks...

Oh, and you could say that with all this attention, Nintendo's Wii is being sprayed all over the place...*ahem*




EDIT: It's just plain old 'Wii' Smilie

( Edited on 28.04.2006 17:10 by jesusraz )

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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jesusraz said:
Stars a-plenty to hand out, methinks...

Indeed, I've used mine up just now - I've not used them up until Sunday in the last couple of weeks, if at all, so well done. I apologise to those who did good posts but I didn't get round to starring in advance...

I kind of like what I heard someone say last night...Wii is "the name that should not be spoken"...

As strong name? I was thinking Wii-k! I hate it with a passion, which is awkward for someone who loves Nintendo. Surely the king of innovation could have done better, maybe asking one or two of their fans?

I will be spraypainting another name on my console, but it makes me sick to have to explain it to my friends.

Awesome stuff, 'tis still growing on me.

Went into college today, the two other Nintendo fans I am aware of loved having a laugh about it, not taking it too seriously which I think perfectly sums the console up in terms of the fun factor Nintendo have been promoting(not that it shouldn't be taken seriously!)

Those less Ninty-inclined people just thought it was complete shit. Smilie

Cubed3 Staff [ Retro Editor :: Previews Editor ]

I really think Nintendo should offer people a choice, or convert to a regional branding strategy. This name will not help sales at all. It works for France and Japan, but in the US it really is Wii-k.

Unacceptable, poorly thought through, definitely not researched with fans or people with an ear for good branding. This will be a test case for global branding gone awry for years to come. It is like Classic Coke vs. New Coke. Nobody wanted New Coke, and nobody wants Wii.

The difference is, Nintendo is not listening, and failed to listen in test groups when it was easy to change. Is it possible they don't see what is happening?

When they still sell millions of consoles in the first year, they will say "The name is a success" and will not learn anything, but they could have done far better.

I hate to complain, but I really am saddened by this name choice. It is like swallowing medicine. I don't associate swallowing medicine with fun and gaming.

I think Nintendo unleashed this name upon us, then they quickly retreated into their headquarters, covered their ears, and hid from the world--only sending representatives to try and make us like it!

Who are we? We are the Knights who say..... "Wii"!

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