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By Jorge Ba-oh 09.05.2006 4

At Nintendo's E3 conference there were an abundance of Wii titles, but also a strong line-up for DS. Among the DS list is a strong contender for the portable game of 2006, the recently announced forthcoming Zelda adventure for the platform: Phantom Hourglass.

The key points of Nintendo's press released are summarised below.

  • Phantom Hourglass takes place after the events of Gamecube's Wind Waker.
  • Link, Tetra and the pirates have set sail to search for new lands. They come across a strange, misty ocean and discover an abandoned ship. Tetra, the brave oddball, explores the ship along and as she's in trouble Link falls into the sea when he tries to rescue her (silly lad). He awakens on an odd island and must find Tetra...
  • Sweeping motion triggers Link's spin attacks, tapping characters to speak with them.
  • The player can inspect the map on the touch screen and make notes using the stylus. The notes on these maps are saved for review on the top screen during game play. Players use the map to chart courses for their ships, too.
  • As the ships automatically follow the paths drawn, players can control their ships' cannons to target oncoming enemies.
  • Players use the stylus to control Link, chart courses for their ships, mark notes on maps and solve puzzles in both the overworld and dungeons.
  • 2 player wireless battle mode as Link goes against another player who controls the enemies in an anti-co-op fasion. Link must collect Force Gems before enemies close in.

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  • Box art for The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass





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    A return of the force gems ay, something suggests a four swords thing going on.

    -Have you any idea what it's like to be a Fembot living in a Manbot's Manputer's world?

    NOOOOOO!!! Tetra is back!! BAD NEWS all Tetra haters!!!

    Dude, I wonder if I'm like, the only Saria & Tetra hater on this website Smilie

    Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

    Yay to the better looking art work again.

    XBL Gamertag: James2t3

    Looking pletifuly gorgeous, can't wait! Smilie

    Cubed3 Staff [ Retro Editor :: Previews Editor ]

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