E3 2006 Special | Cubed3 E3 Diary: Issue 4

By James Temperton 13.05.2006 7

Cubed3 E3 2006 Diary
Anna Sky Houlton :: 10th May 2006 :: Fourth Entry

The Cubed3 E3 2006 Diary is being written by Anna Sky Houlton and her boyfriend Richard. They are both attending E3 2006 and Anna Sky will be covering the show for Cubed3. This issue follow them on their trip from the UK to the USA, stay tuned for further issues as Anna's E3 2006 adventure continues!

It's ten-minutes-to nine am, and we're on a mission: Get in as early as possible, and hit the Wii (we're not addicted, honest) for every last game one more time. The doors open just ahead of us, and we storm towards our quest, fighting through a horde of not-so-monstrous journalists, and PR execs.

Only thing is, looks like everyone's got the same idea. Arriving at the stand, we're glad to see the queue is moving at a good pace; surely not many people are in yet. How wrong are we? God knows how they've done it, but for the third day running, the Wii booth has a line of people going almost all the way round the entirety of the paddock, and even half way round the south hall of the LA convention centre itself.

Four hours.

That's a statement in itself, but not one that applies to us. Nope, we make full use of our media badge, get an appointment with the Nintendo PR guys, and head off into another day rammed full of games.

First up, we head over to THQ. As fans of Destroy All Humans, we cant help but show our excitement when we see Cryptosporidium is back. On the Destroy stand, Crypto is perched on the "rooftops" looking down at a red double-decker bus, all smashed up, with monitors running playable versions of the game in the windows. We're sure you know what that means: London. And we've been told that's only the start of it.

Turns out, THQ have got a whole load of fun licensed games coming out too. With Spongebob Squarepants (and his mates Patrick and Plankton) tearing stuff up under the seas, and the Barnyard movie game mixing things up in the fields, there's a lot of fun to be had for younger gamers.

But best of all, they've also got a game set to coincide with the release of Disney and Pixar's film Cars. With such bright, fun and appealing main characters, mixed with some fast paced racing, and driving mini-games, you know it's gonna be fun.

From there we get to see Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War

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Oh my God, the people in that first picture are like the coolest people on the planet!

(I'll read the article now, just had to get that out.)


a master piano player, who's churning out the Mario themes on an amped up keyboard, whilst blindfolded,

That wasn't THE blindfolded pianist was it? If so, nicely! That would have been awesome to see live!

( Edited on 13.05.2006 14:54 by spydarlee )

Cubed3 Staff [ Retro Editor :: Previews Editor ]

I want that SWORD AND SHEILD!! Smilie Smilie

IANC said:
Dude yuor totally awesome. And i won't be killing you anytime soon.

OMFG lets do a C3 cosplay event.

...or not.

It's going to be shit and you jolly well know it.
Guest 13.05.2006#4

Although it's not really difficult to play an instrument blindfolded if you 've been playing for a couple of years.

Have you seen the Video Game pianist play? You probably have!

He's incredibly anyway, so the blindfolded'ness just adds another notch to the Woah-O-Meter. Smilie

Cubed3 Staff [ Retro Editor :: Previews Editor ]
Guest 13.05.2006#6

Yeah, I have. It's very cool that he can play all those mario tunes.Smilie

Guest 13.05.2006#7

Great finale to the Cubed

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