E3 2006 News | Iwata Claims Nintendo Wii to Sell 3 Times GameCube

By Adam Riley 14.05.2006 57

Quick News - Whilst talking to Japanese Press on 9th May, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata went on record to say sales of "two to three times that of GameCube is a possibility." This would put Wii sales at 40-60 million units worldwide, which seems quite a conservative estimate given the support of the platform so far.

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just my opinion.

360 + Wii = best of both worlds. infact best of all worlds.

you get great franchises / styles of games / new games with a new way to play them.

you get great franchises / styles of games / new games with beefed up graphics and the best online play.

then you get all the game you knew and loved on top of that.

i can see know space for the PS3, it cant compare to either of them.

Ah well, when you put it like that then yeah.

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Very nicely said Buddah, but my point remains valid even if it doesn't matter to joe Bloggs..

IANC said:
Dude yuor totally awesome. And i won't be killing you anytime soon.

even if it doesn't matter to joe Bloggs..

but you have to look at from Joe Bloggs point of view, he doesnt know what we know. Smilie

he will see :

PS3 / 360 = beefed graphics

nintendo = new style of control

people might be apprehensive to try something new. if its not broke don't fix it etc.

your point was valid, dont get me wrong. but how many joe bloggs will get as excited about a new control as they will about amazing graphics?

( Edited on 15.05.2006 21:25 by Buddah )

but how many joe bloggs will get as excited about a new control as they will about amazing graphics?

For example, how many people will buy a DS when the PSP is available? Smilie (I know the example doesn't fully apply to home-consoles but it's still a valid point)

I don't think Nintendo have a problem with the 'Joe Bloggs' crowd. Sure the Wii may not match the X-360/PS3 graphically but most Joe Bloggs won't have a HDTV and will think that the Wii looks pretty swish as well...there isn't a huge step up in terms of graphics like there was last gen, and surely the control system will draw people in to 'just have a go'.

( Edited on 15.05.2006 21:50 by fenno2001 )

Why buy a PS3, when you can buy a 360 & a Wii for less, or the same price as one PS3? I mean, 360 is basically a PS3, some say it's far less advanced, but it isn't all that weaker, plus it has a great online system, & most of the games you'll get on the PS3, you'll prolly get on the 360 too, so when I've got a 360 & a Wii, that's it, I'm all set for this gen, last gen I was confused about gettign an XBOX, but now I know I should get a 360 too, to supply my need for classic gameplay... so.

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Personally I'd buy a PS3 just for Devil May Cry 4... And I intend to too... Obviously gonna wait until it's a reasonable price though, and I can see what you mean, since there really aren't ANY other decent games on the PS3 that aren't already on the 360... If only we could get some of those on the Wii too though. Life would be perfect

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