Issue 123 | The Hound: Nintendo Wii on PS3 and XBOX (E3 2006)

By Harold Cuthbert Hound 14.05.2006 18

James Temperton :: Issue 123 :: 14th May 2006

Industry analysis with added bite.

The doors of E3 are now closed for another year, the stalls have been packed away, the journalists are massaging their aching feet and trying to get their eyes to focus when exposed to natural light and now the fallout can commence. Much like a nuclear explosion, the moment of impact is massive, but the true effects and implications of what has happened will not be felt until afterwards; the fallout. E3 2006 has made one thing crystal clear, people at E3 like standing in six hour long lines. Heck, they must all be British...

The Nintendo Wii was something of a revolution at E3 2006 and I have to say I told you so. Before E3 I commented that the battle between the PS3 and the Wii, between Sony and Nintendo, would be the very crux of what the show would be about. Sony failed to deliver, Nintendo fired on all cylinders. What Nintendo showed wasn't really anything we didn't already know about, they just showed us the means to an end, the answer to the question they have set themselves. Now that people have had a chance to get their hands on Nintendo's vision for the future, momentum is starting to build. In a couple of months we should know when the Wii will launch (September in Japan, November in the North America/Oceania and December in Europe), then a bit after that what games will launch, then the advertising campaign will start and before we know it the Wii will be on shelves, in homes and very much a part of the gaming landscape. It will all happen very quickly from here on in...

The most interesting software aspect from E3 2006 for me was the announcement of Wii Sports as a launch title. I'll take a wild and wacky little prediction here and suggest it might be bundled with the console as a sort of software demo (much like Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt was for the DS in the USA). What Wii Sports shows is the most potentially dangerous aspect of Nintendo's philosophy with their new home console. Put simply, Wii Sports looks terrible. Sure, it seems to play great and be super good fun (even when you're a slightly nervous looking Japanese company president playing it in front of thousands of journalists and suits), but the problem is it looks naff. That shouldn't matter though, should it? A lot of games on the Nintendo DS look like a two year old drew them and nobody cares...

The problem Nintendo face is to push the right software. On show at E3 2006 we had two types of titles: the gimmicky and the traditional. What is interesting about the Wii line-up in Los Angeles is that on paper it looks just like most of Nintendo's E3 showings. You've got ALL the big name franchises, you've got racing games, sports titles, shooters, platformers, adventure games, fighting games and puzzle games. Nintendo have been clever with the software by not going all gimmicky on our posteriors. All the established names are in place and where new franchises are being introduced they are mature looking (Project H.A.M.M.E.R and Disaster: Day of Crisis). This, in my view, is where Nintendo have pulled a blinder. The pen's of critics the world over were poised ready to slate the Wii for ignoring gamers and going for a series of stupid, simplistic and graphically challenged titles to push how the Wii is different. They didn't, and people loved the approach they did take.

Nintendo's slogan of the event was 'playing = believing' and everyone wanted a piece of the action. When attendees joined the back of that line they knew they were in for a long wait, yet still they persevered just so they could make their own judgement on the Nintendo Wii and see what all the fuss is about. Nintendo will be hoping that attitude transposes onto the consumer, they want to arouse a sense of wonder and curiosity amongst the buying populous. People who have always played games will be pulled in by the big names Nintendo are set to chuck in their faces from the word go, whilst everyone else will (according to the master plan) want to buy a Wii because it is something totally new and really quite cool; hence the look, the name, the image and the potential price-point.

Both Sony and Microsoft have come out and stated that the Wii will come in second place, comments that are somewhat inevitable for obvious reasons. If Sony come first Microsoft can't come second, simply because there isn't enough of a market for them both to beat Nintendo. Very few people are going to buy an XBOX 360 and a PS3 (that investment could cost you up to

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TGS is going to be great. Come September there will be touch functions, and Wii like capabilities on the PS3 controller.

Im not joking, im being deadly serious. Im not saying Sony are copy cats, they have jus been doing the same research since 1994. Just like everyone else you see. Its just that now the technology is available. I mean they snuck into Nintendo HQ over in Japan and realised it was possible. So the technology is availble. Sony arent copy cats they are just innovative.

Great's got me all pumped up for the launch even more now.

Daaaaaaaaaaaam another 6-7 months before i can get my hands on a Wii Smilie

XBL Gamertag: James2t3

No way is it gonna launch in December... Nintendo need a good lead on Christmas. I'm expecting it as early as late-ish October

Still a proud member of the 'omfg amazing water in games' society

"Put simply, Wii Sports looks terrible."

That's your opinion. I think it looks great. No flashy gimmicks and distracting graphics, no attempt at showing 'plastic' human skin and no sweat pouring from players skins.

Just good, honest-to-goodness gameplay. Smilie

Wow. You are a horrible writer. Are they giving jobs away at this internet site? It's called proof-reading. Try it some time. I was very psyched to read about Wii, but was completely annoyed by the writing. Ugh. Where's the Advil?

You try proof reading something when you've worked your arse off all E3, it gets tedious. Corrected the few mistakes in there anyway. Hope it meets with approval now. And I'm not a horrible writer, I'm just a tired one Smilie

And from a graphical standpoint, Wii sports does look terrible. That's a fact. Removing all the flash and the glitz, the textures and the depth leaves you with a barren title, that whilst fun and entertaining, is lacking in wow factor. Its still my favourite Wii title at the moment (from what I've seen), but I think Nintendo are going to get more fans with titles that look a bit nicer, it has a bigger mass market appeal.

( Edited on 14.05.2006 19:34 by Mr. T )

Trying to think of a witty signature after 'Hacker-gate'...

shogunroyale said:
Wow. You are a horrible writer. Are they giving jobs away at this internet site?

So by your logic, a few typos and a standpoint that conflicts with your own make for a terrible writer?

EDIT - Ironic typos

( Edited on 14.05.2006 19:36 by stucorbs )

Guest 14.05.2006#9

Great article and pretty much down to the point. Come on folks, we're all hyped for Nintendo Wii but there is no harm in James laying out some cold, hard facts. Everyone has their own opinion however I find that James' is an unbiased and fairly straight forward opinion that fits the bill perfectly. shogunroyale, jealousy is futile and quite frankly I can't see you or anyone else doing better.

Thanks for the entertaining read, James! Smilie

I still like the look of wii sports. Not flashy but nither is warioware or Eyetoy games Smilie.
Still i wouldn't say no to a graphical enhancement but it can't be too much Eg no real looking people in there.

( Edited on 14.05.2006 20:11 by Blade2t3 )

XBL Gamertag: James2t3 are so blind to the truth..

and can anybody tell me why he was banned..good riddance Smilie

IANC said:
Dude yuor totally awesome. And i won't be killing you anytime soon.

o wait.. is that just his name?

IANC said:
Dude yuor totally awesome. And i won't be killing you anytime soon.

I LOVE the way Wii Sports looks! Especially the flight game. The glof also looks hella smooth.

I'm kinda intrigued by how that guy managed to have 0 posts though...

Still a proud member of the 'omfg amazing water in games' society

I have one gripe about the Wii though...Nintendo have not stated the price and analysts are spilling stats all over the freaking place saying it could go as cheap as $99 BUT if Nintendo sells it at $250 well...people will think it's expensive since they have gotten sooooo used to hearing it being $99-150

True, but what casual gamer is gonna be looking at analyst's predictions online, and which non-casual gamer would be stupid enough to think Wii'll be

Still a proud member of the 'omfg amazing water in games' society

Good stuff James. Nintendo absolutely wiped the floor last week, and if they get demos right in stores they'll be chucking Sony and Microsoft all over the place as well when it's released. They're on the most interesting path; they could easily go wrong, but if they don't then they could be reaping far vaster rewards than competitors. It really says something that Sony and Microsoft are falling over each other to say 'Nintendo will come second' I think...

You think that Wii Sports is a terrible game from what you've seen, but in your opinoin is still the best game they have? Uh-Oh Nin-ten-do.

and can anybody tell me why he was banned..good riddance o wait.. is that just his name?

Oh boy, is your face red now SlySmilie

EDIT: And Shogunroyale, I just read your profile and found two spelling mistakes from about twenty words, try writing as much as Hound did - on top of E3 - and then I might consider listening to you.

( Edited on 16.05.2006 10:27 by Kangaroo_Kid )

Megadanxzero said:
I LOVE the way Wii Sports looks! Especially the flight game. The glof also looks hella smooth.Im kinda intrigued by how that guy managed to have 0 posts though...

News comments don't count as posts. Confused me the first time too Smilie

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