Post E3 2006 | Wii Causes Nintendo Shares to Rocket

By James Temperton 15.05.2006 8

Quick News: Following the critical acclaim and success of the Nintendo Wii at E3 2006, the Japanese company have seen some rather pleasing results on the stock market. Nintendo shares climbed 6.2% to 19,710 yen having gone as high as 19,890 yen. The rise saw shares get to their highest level since April 2002.

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Makes you wish you were a shareholder...

Certainly does.

There was a big thread on Revolutionreport on how to ge Nintendo shares about a month ago. It concluded that it ws nearly impossible in the west.

It's going to be shit and you jolly well know it.

Don't you mean, "The Wiire"!? Smilie

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YAY! *Must buy shares*

Nintendo shares climbed 6.2%

Sounds like a pretty huge jump to me! (though i know nothing about the stock exchange, hehe).

The rise saw shares get to their highest level since April 2002.

That's about 6 months after the Cube launched in Japan...then it all started to go downhill Smilie

Yep, pretty massive jump if my limited stock knowledge is correct. I've been looking into buying shares in them for ages in anticipation of a jump with Wii, it's bloody difficult.

Calum, don't be silly.

If you buy shares they will only go down.

Wait till before the Wii is launched, when they start wasting money on manufacturing Wii (and hopefully not making with the DS).

Then just sell em all off for a profit. Of course you have to buy A LOT of them to make any real money.

Best time to sell is until after the christmas holidays, when people buy games for friends etc.

Cheers. (Check Ninty stocks at:

( Edited on 15.05.2006 20:10 by Memphis )

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