Nintendo News | Namco Announces New DS Puzzle Game

By John Boyle 27.05.2006 2

The recent issue of Famitsu announced the brand new puzzle game coming from Namco Bandai Studios. Trion Cube is set to be released in Japan this August and comes from the mind of Hideo Yoshizawa who is responsible for Pac-Pix, Klonoa and Mr Driller.

In Trion Cube you play as the captain of a ship shaped like a penguin (honestly) and have the shape the 5 falling block types from the top of the screen into 3x3 clumps. They then turn into coins, however you can hold off on removing the blocks and remove them later. This causes huge chain reaction combo's which helps speed your penguin ship to the goal that bit faster. It seems that the penguin ship won't be the only ship with Namco Bandai Games stating that the game will have more characters each with their own ship.

It looks like the game won't use the WFC, however single cart play is included. The game is currently sittingat 95% completion and is down for an August release in Japan. No word on a western release as of yet.

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Box art for Trion Cube

Namco Bandai


Namco Bandai





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Well, certainly sounds interesting and Yoshizawa-san's previous games have all be really one for puzzle fans to watch I reckon.

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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Yeah definitely, the guy has a good track record and this should hit the west... we've been getting most Japanese DS puzzle games.

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