Nintendo News | Original DS Being Phased Out in Japan?

By Adam Riley 31.05.2006 11

Recent sales of the original Nintendo DS in Japan have been bouncing up and down like a yo-yo, dropping as low as 8,000 one week, then jumping back up to 40,000 and 60,000 units a week. It has been quite apparent that whilst stock of the DS Lite is low, the original DS system's stock has been all over the place.

Now there seem to be reports coming out of Japan that hint toward the original DS actually being phased out, despite earlier comments by Nintendo President Satoru Iwata-san to the contrary. According to wholesale retailers, as reported on, there have been no stock replenishments for a month, with the focus being solely on the new DS Lite. Nintendo has not confirmed anything as of yet, but for it to be phased out so quickly seems quite an oversight as it could have worked as a potential lower-priced option for gamers, as it is quite apparent it will still sell in great numbers, even beating out the PSP when at full steam.

Hopefully official confirmation will arise at some point. But until then, stick with C3 for further updates...

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Now. I will keep my DS and some time it will be worth a shit loooooooooooot of money!

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

Just like how the Megadrive, SNES, NES or PS1 is todaySmilie

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i agree with Raz, it's a bit of an oversite to phase out the DS so soon especially in Japan considering that Lite aside, it alone is holding the PSP at bay over there. just drop the Price of it already then phase it out at end of next year or something Smilie

I don't see a problem personally. If Nintendo are splitting their resources between the DS and the DS lite it leaves the little room to manouvere. More resources dedicated to the DS Lite means a higher bulk production and hopefully a smaller manufacture cost which may be past onto consumers.

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Laurelin said:
Now. I will keep my DS and some time it will be worth a shit loooooooooooot of money!

Yeah, like the year 2060.

It's going to be shit and you jolly well know it.

as it is quite apparent it will still sell in great numbers, even beating out the PSP when at full steam

Exactally, it does seem a bit odd. But I suppose on the other hand there's no point in selling DS's if the Lite will clearly sell instead...

I don't think it should be phased out, it still makes them great dough in the long run, & they've had all the versions of GBA on sale for ages, I'm sure THAT helped!

Also, I'm not gonna sell my DS anyway. I've NEVER sold ANYTHING, especially game stuffs. Smilie

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Of course it will be phased out, why in the world would they keep it?!

The big question mark on the finland site is really interesting. Maybe it's a lauch date, but I'm "hoping" (not really expecting) that it's another secret or something. Nintendo has been dropping the odd hint now and then they've got something else up their sleeve, haven't they?

A November launch sounds great. I'm betting Japan will get it just a bit after the U.S. That's what they did with the DS, so for whatever reason they made that move with the DS, I don't feel they have a reason to change it.

...besides, it'd be awesome to get the newest nintendo console before anyone else-again! Smilie
*shuts up now*

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Has that somehow wound up in the wrong topic, TAG?

Well it's bound to happen...not that surprising reallySmilie

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