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By Jorge Ba-oh 01.06.2006 13

Nintendo's official Smash Bros. website has gradually unwrapped the lids of various new faces in the upcoming Wii sequel, Brawl. Recently Snake made his appearance, along with a little snippet of what the fella gets up to.

Snake, of Metal Gear Solid fame, was the surprise face in the company's surprise during E3, stunning a lot of fans of both Metal Gear and Smash Bros - ultimately unlocking the potential for just about anybody to make their Smash Bros. debut.

The unexpected participant from Metal Gear Solid!
When this was first announced to the media, it was greeted with shouts of joy that resembled screams.

After much consideration, we decided to have Snake refrain from using real-world guns

Box art for Super Smash Bros. Brawl

HAL Laboratory







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I still can't believe he's in the game. That screen of him and Link in what looks to be a MGS-esque arene looks great. I can't wait to play this game.

Yeah, looks like we've got Shadow Moses or the Tanker or Big Shell as a stage Smilie Cannot wait for this.

Yay! Damp coridors with N64 textures!

It's going to be shit and you jolly well know it.

I hope that stage has the classic MGS tune playing as the BGM.

Supermeng said:
I hope that stage has the classic MGS tune playing as the BGM.

Oh yeah, that'd be swish.

its funny how someone I know recognised Kid Icarus (who I didn't know) but didn't know who Snake was Smilie

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ShinyRainbow said:
its funny how someone I know recognised Kid Icarus (who I didnt know) but didnt know who Snake was Smilie

How can you not know the legendary Solid Snake Smilie

He certainly is an interesting character to use in a Super Smash Bros game. After seeing the screen with him next to Link, my worries about body proportions have gone.

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Why would you have worries about proportions?

I don't see why he doesn't use his gun though... I mean they can't make ALL of his moves us explosives... And is that a stealth move I see? I doubt it, but it'd be funny

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I wasn't that bothered about SSBB really, but snake's changed that the bugger Smilie

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If you've ever seen NBA Street V3 before on GC then you might see why. All of the normal looking people look fine, but the Mario trio are all short and stubby.

Reverse that for SSBB.

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PSN: shiptoncraig
Steam: Guess what?

i can't belive it!! This is amazing!! i love snake (hypothetically)

The Mario, Luigi and Peach characters looked so funny in NBA Street V3...totally out of place compared to the real life characters. Could give Snake a nice bit of identity, though.

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