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By Adam Riley 01.07.2006 15

Prepare yourself for an all-new adventure, which will have the waves of nostalgia flowing. Mario makes a welcome return to the Nintendo DS in his first 2D Scrolling game in more than ten years. New Super Mario Bros. launches across Europe exclusively on the Nintendo DS today.

New Super Mario Bros. is the latest in one of Nintendo's most successful franchises to date. The game that first shot Mario to international stardom, Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo Entertainment System, was the most successful game on the console selling over 40.2 million copies worldwide. Already, launched on the 15th May 2006 in the USA, New Super Mario Bros. has also become an overnight success flying off the shelves at a staggering speed. Over the launch period the game sold a breath taking 20 copies every minute in North America alone, with over 500,000 copies sold within 35 days. In addition to this, over 1.25 million copies of NEW Super Mario Bros. were sold in Japan within the first two weeks of launch.

This game features eight huge vivid 2D worlds inspired by those from the classic Mario adventures, but combined with beautifully rendered 3D characters which almost seem to jump out of the screen. Each world has a different theme and features multiple levels, which must be completed before progressing to the next one. In total this game features over 80 levels. Players must master each world's mini fortress and beat a boss character before they can progress onto the next world. Only after defeating all of the bosses will a character be ready to defeat Bowser and save the Princess.

The game also features a host of multiplayer options players can enjoy with up to three friends. Two players can battle it out wirelessly as they compete to collect stars on specially designed stages. In this mode the game continues until one Mario brother reaches the star limit for the stage. Up to four players can also take part in a selection of touch-screen mini-games with only one game cartridge thanks to DS Download Play.

Whether you are an old Mario fan or a newcomer to the series, New Super Mario Bros. will let you experience fun and addictive gaming on the go. New Super Mario Bros. launches across Europe today for the estimated retail price of around

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Alas, no money for this at the moment really. Well, I have some, but I might be saving it for a DS Lite...perhaps a little bit down the line I'll get it.

New rule. Everybody has to own this game.

Wow, what happened to June!???
Time flys when you're...doing stuff.

I agree with SKI.

And the multiplayer card games are a nice addition... - Where making games is fun!

I'm shockingly poor at 2d platformers.

It's going to be shit and you jolly well know it.

Yeah New Super Mario is amazing im loving every second and I love the koopa shell. Me and a few of my mates had tons of fun on the multiplayer real good.

Yeah, it is pretty good.

King of the 'League of Kings'||My deviantART|| My Photography

Yeah got it yesterday from Gameplay and I'm really enjoying it. The minigames are great especially the Mario 64 multiplayer's. Kudos to Nintendo for releasing it during the 'drout' period, lets just hope it's performance in the charts mirrors the class of the game Smilie

New super mario bros is a brilliant game. Well worth the wait.Smilie

Thank you Mario. But our princess is in another cas- NO, NO, DON'T KILL ME! NOOOO! *Gurgling sound*

Cyanide & Happiness @

I am actually pretty impressed with how much fun the minigames are. I mean my sister and I have been playing it for well over an hour, as well as getting some gameing in with a female friend of mine who owns a psp :p think ive almost convinced her to get a DS as she spent more time on the game than me today. Really good game.

Gamestation are doing a deal "DSLite with any NDS game for

I see all these people insulting the Nintendo corporation because of the lack of mature content. Yet there is something about Nintendo (at least their games) that strikes a certain unadulterated feeling of joy!!!  Pokemon Y - 1048-9263-5562

yeah. I think I'll have to buy this one, when my brother and dad'll pay for thirds, I hardly have a choice do I?Smilie

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I peordered my copy so it should come on saturday. I cant wait im going crazy!

Account Manager, I did just that - traded in my old DS, got it for

Mason said:
Account Manager, I did just that - traded in my old DS, got it for

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