Nintendo News | Hulk Hogan Does Pok

By Jorge Ba-oh 27.07.2006 8

Nintendo have announced a free-for-all Pok

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I'd so go to that if I was an American!


Lol, it's bound to be awesome - Hogan hosting it is a weird...weird announcement!

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Hogan will probably leg drop some kid

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Hogan? What a legend. Everyone gets everything good apart from us Europeans. Good move though because he may use his 'hero' status to attract people to go to it and realise how good the game is etc

Hulk Hogan and Pokemon, thats bound to be funny

Hulk Hogan Smilie

Back in his day, this would've been great. But now he's retired and has a reality show on VH1, I'm not sure how much this will help boost nintendo's image, especially since it's pokemon.

Still, if it shows up on his show, I may actually watch VH1! It'd be hilarious...Hulk Hogan...surround by 10 year olds and nerdy 20 year olds who don't take showers Smilie

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Hulk Hogan...and random...and yet brilliant!

Angus said:
Hulk Hogan and Pokemon, thats bound to be funny


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