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Nintendo News | MechAssault Developer Signs with Wii

Over on Gamasutra there is a very interesting feature, talking with Denny Thorley of Day 1 Studios - the developer of MechAssault, the popular series that is normally associated with Microsoft, but which is coming to the DS in the near future. Below is a direct quote from Thorley, featured in the article:

"We've just signed non-disclosures with Nintendo. We're going to be looking at their hardware very carefully. We're not doing Mech games, but there's lots of opportunity there for creative stuff."

Thorley also mentions how he thinks that the lower price of the Wii in comparison to the XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3 is extremely attractive, especially since it is expected that development costs will be significantly reduced as well. Currently Day 1 has no direct experience with the Wii, yet their engineers are right now in the process of evaluating how well their toolset will work with the new platform.

If Day 1 definitely jumps on-board with development, then Nintendo's chances of reclaiming a significant market share will certainly be increased. For the whole feature, please click here.

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10.08.2006 11:03



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Sweet, their games are pretty fun.

Day 1 just signed a deal with lucas arts. Remeber lucas arts stated that they will support all plaforms. This maybe why Day 1 has signed a deal to develop for the Wii. They have probably signed deals to develop for the PS3 and the Xbox 360 as well, due to the agreement with lucas arts

( Edited on 10.08.2006 14:54 by patjuan32 )

oh how intriging. cool i wnat a liht saber game please. or anything as long as it is fun.

Mech assault is a great game although it would be great on DS just imagine it on the Wii.

Mason said:
We're not doing Mech games, but there's lots of opportunity there for creative stuff.

Still a proud member of the 'omfg amazing water in games' society


( Edited on 11.08.2006 15:26 by Tin Can Man )

1"We're mentalist psychic Scots , which means we can read your mind. If you're lying, your head explodes and we laugh."

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